Umborne Hall AGM 2023



Monday 27th February 2023 at 6.45pm


The meeting was attended by all 11 of the trustees, and 9 members of the local community.

  1. Apologies for absence: Ang, Jill and Taff
  2. Minutes of Previous AGM – May 18th 2022

These were agreed and signed off by Henry

  1. Any Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

  1. Annual Report – Year to 31st October 2022 – Henry Smith (Chairman)

Henry delivered his report for the year, and thanked everyone for their help and support.

See appendix 1

  1. Annual Accounts – Year to 31st October 2022 – Carolyn Selley (Treasurer)

Carolyn provided a summary of the Hall accounts and details of income and expenditure for discussion. The funds are looking healthy with a surplus for the year of £6295, and current total balance of £38,865.

See appendix 2

  1. Entertainments 2021/22 – Eleanor Wood

Henry mentioned the events from the last year in his report. Eleanor outlined some events coming up:

Saturday 11th March – Big Breakfast, a charity fundraiser, this will be advertised shortly, and we will be trying to promote on local social media groups.

Monday May 8th – a coronation event similar to the Platinum Jubilee event last year. People can buy a table and bring their picnics.

Saturday June 24th – Umborne Ug and barbecue. This should be a big event this year as the Teignbridge Trotters are hiring a bus to bring people and there will be more runners.

Eleanor thanked everyone for their support of the events and asked for ides for any new events we could put on.

Theme nights were suggested as we have run them in the past. It was suggested that we could do a ‘back to school’ event, and a vinyl evening – possible as part of a ‘Free Friday’ evening.

  1. Elections

The following were due to retire as trustees:

Lorna Ockenden, John Pearce, Rob Summers, and Eleanor Wood

They have all confirmed that they were willing to stand again.

No other nominations to stand as a trustee have been received, and so they were reappointed.

It was reported that there is a vacancy for a trustee, as we currently have 11/12 and if anyone is interested they can be co-opted at any time.

  1. AOB

The lights on the outside steps were queried as they had been removed or were not working. It was confirmed that these had been replaced.

  1. Next AGM – to be arranged for a date in February 2024




Appendix 1

Umborne Hall AGM Monday 27th February 2023 Chairman’s Report

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Umborne Hall Annual General Meeting 2023.   Many thanks to you all for taking the time to support our lovely hall.

Here we are in 2023!  As you may have already noticed, this meeting is back in February where it always was. 

Overall, the year for the hall has been productive, however we did have to haul ourselves out of a COVID black hole.  If you remember we had stopped all our hall activities through the autumn and winter of 2021 to early 2022.  Our drought breaker was the Free Friday held at the end of February.

We try to provide a little respite from the pressures of life at home and abroad.  With a strong community such as ours, there is always someone to turn to and talk or help or even a shoulder to cry on.

The events we put at the hall are aimed at giving us an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun.

Over the last year we have got back to “business as usual”:

  • Free Fridays, as I mentioned were restored last year. Free Fridays are a gentle social evening were anyone can come to the hall with some food and drink and chat to whoever else happens to be there too.   One of the most memorable Free Fridays of the year was a visit to John Pearce’s cider shed.  John being a generous host, for some reason decided to provide drinks other than cider.
  • We also got into the spring spirit in April with an impressive £1,000 donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross resulting from a fantastically successful Big Breakfast.
  • There were two events in June – the Queens Platinum Jubilee tea party and Ug race. During the tea party we were entertained by the Honiton Field Players, led by our own Richard Brain.
  • Quiz Night in September with Rick taking on the role of Quiz Master. It is great to see Rick in robust health again.
  • In October, the Autumn Supper. Our usual celebration of our good fortune for the riches on our table after a wonderful summer.
  • Thanks to Carolyn for co-ordinating the First Christmas Dinner at the beginning of December. A delicious turkey meal with all the trimmings.

Your generosity allows us to support ourselves as well as having enough to make contributions charities.  This year we will be supporting a local children’s hospice in Seaton and the Fiona’s Eye Fund.  Fiona’s Eye Fund is Phillip Ambler’s charity that operates in Thailand.  Without their intervention to prevent loss of sight does not exist.

At this point I must also mention the Grizzly and the Umborne community part in it.  Each year we provide the biggest contingent (by far) of Marshals on race day.  Rick Wood works hard to coordinate 36 volunteers to cheer and clap racers.  Some of whom are found in the bog…  This dedication results in a donation from the Grizzly committee which goes to the Hall funds.  Last year the amount awarded effectively covered the running costs for the Hall for the year.    

This year we are keeping up the momentum.  There are a number of events that are planned over the next few months.  Eleanor will explain them after the Treasurer’s report.  I know we will have great fun holding these events and hope that as many people come and enjoy them with us.

At the moment, the hall finances are relatively healthy, but I don’t want to get complacent because we are in difficult economic circumstances after Brexit, COVID and the ongoing war in Ukraine.  We must stay prudent and carry on!

There are other necessary activities going on to keep the Hall in good condition.  After 12 years the decking outside the Hall needs replacement.  We have planned this to take place in April.  I will be sending out a message for help in the next week or so for as many as possible to get involved to undertake the repairs.

You may also remember that we have discussed and planned some changes to the kitchen.  It has been a rocky road.  Sadly, we cannot keep up with inflation.  Plans made are effectively wrecked months later by spiralling costs.  For this reason the Trustees have decided to put a kitchen extension to one side for the time being.  As an alternative we will be looking to reconfigure the existing kitchen, foyer and toilet areas to make better use of this space.  Details will be made available when they are prepared.


Many thanks to all the trustees for their tireless support and dedication over the last year.  We all make significant contributions that keep the lights on and the place useable.

Thankyou Eleanor and Phillip for providing the cheeses and wines for the evening and Lorna for doing the minutes of the meeting.

We are a strong community; long may that continue.  See you all soon at the Hall.  Please enjoy some cheese and wine with us now.

Cheers and Best Wishes, Henry Smith

Appendix 2

Summary of accounts

Surplus for the year                   6,295.71

Balance bought forward         32,569.75

Balance carried forward         38,865.46


Made up of


Lloyds Bank accounts              32,463.18

COIF                                             6,402.28


TOTAL                                        38,865.46   J       


We confirm that the above is a true statement of income and expenditure for the year 2021/2022




————————————————————–                  ———————————————————-

                   [Accountant]                                                            Carolyn Selley [Treasurer]




Hall hire and donations

Covid grant

BBQ x 2

Autumn supper 2022

12th Night

Steam up

Grizzly marshalling

Umborne Ugg

Soup evening

Bank interest



                                                                UMBORNE HALL

























EDF Energy


PRS Music licence


Fortress fire alarms

Walker fire alarms

Website 3 YEARS

TENS Licences

Cleaning / towles

Agm expenses

Hall maintenance

Devon communities

Electrical certs

Defibrillator / first aid

Gifts etc

UGG expenses





















                          Income and Expenditure for the year ending