Umborne Ug 2018

We had 95 entries for this year’s Umborne Ug 10k although only 83 started the race! There were 30 Fun Runners. The hot sunny days had changed to cooler damp conditions for this race and when all was done and packed away the heavens opened, so we were very lucky. Thanks to all the landowners, marshals, water station helpers, drinks and food caterers, backmarkers and many more who helped in so many different ways. The sum of about £860 was made for our hall extension so thank you for your support.

Photos: (courtesy of Helene Buse) can be enlarged by left clicking on them once and then left click again for a full screen picture.













Dave Mutter reports: The weather mostly held off for Sunday’s Umborne Ug multi-terrain 10K and it was a very successful one for AVR who collected the first 5 places with James Green 1st, 41:42; Chet Gillespie 2nd, 42:01; Tim Lenton 3rd, 1st M40, 42:16; Matt Clist 4th, 42:38 and Robert Collier 5th, 1st M45, 44:58. Hanna Bown of Exmouth Harriers was the 1st Lady, 13th overall in 50:48. Other AVR times were: Karl Hodson 7th, 1st M50, 47:14; Jon Day 11th, 49:45; Joel Seward 16th, 51:46; Graham Newton 18th, 1st M65, 52:25; Clare Hansford 19th, 1st F50, 52:57; Kerry Board 22nd, 1st F40, 54:10; Richard Jackson 24th, 55:34; Antony Smith 27th, 56:07; Andrew Hartnell 28th, 56:41; Geoff Woodward 30th, 57:20; Ferenc Kovacs 31st, 57:29; Alan Morbey 33rd, 3rd M60, 58:35; Kevin Feeney 35th, 59:00; Roger Bramley 36th, 59:19; Anders Larsson 38th, 1:00:06; Nick Adams 46th, 1:02:56; Henry Smith 48th, 1:04:44; Angela Kerr 51st, 2nd F60, 1:05:06; Sarah Shepley 53rd, 2nd F50, 1:05:35; Richard Dodge 56th, 1:05:43; Helen Holmes 61st, 1:12:14; Sarah Glynn 62nd, 1:12:14; Anna McLoughlin 63rd, 3rd F45, 1:12:50; Jacqui Stokes 65th, 1:13:30; Sandra Mortimer 69th, 1:15:41; Julia Mallon 70th, 1:15:42; Diane Newton 78th, 2nd F65, 1:16:40; Janet Woodward 81st, 1:24:02 and Pam Goddard 82nd, 1:24:02.
It was double delight for the Green family and James’s son Harvey won the Umborne Fun Run in 10:48 with AVR’s Sam Eyre 2nd, 11:18 and Aidan Bown of Exmouth Harriers 3rd, 11:31. The race raised much needed funds for Umborne Village Hall and as well as 34 AVR’s running another dozen were in supportive roles so congratulations to everyone involved in staging the event.

Full results on on the AVR web site: