Umborne Cycle Trip

(Photos can be enlarged by left clicking on them once and then left click again for a full screen photo)

On Saturday 11th of June, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday and to do some useful excerise, 15 people of all ages ( from 12 to 68!) met up at Umborne Hall at 2pm on a fine day:

IMG_2108IMG_2109We set off on a route which we thought was going to be about 10 miles – but due to a misunderstanding it was actually 10 miles to the cream team stop at the Royal Oak near Stockland, and then a further 7 or 8 miles back home! Richard had also warned us that there might be one or two hills – the understatement of the year! However everyone seemed to cope really well with the ride, with Richard and others at the front leading and Bill bringing up the rear.

The cream tea stop was most enjoyable:


yum, yum ……..

IMG_2118IMG_2119Thank you all for coming and thanks to Richard and Bill for planning and looking after us all. We plan to do another slightly flatter one soon, so come along and join us!