Umborne Hall Trustees meeting and AGM 2015

Weds 16th December 2015, 7pm, At Tritchmarsh Farm
Present: Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Lorna Ockenden, John Pearce, Carolyn Selley, Rob Summers, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Eleanor Wood
1. Apologies

Phillip Ambler, Peter Rugg, Melanie Smith

2. Minutes of previous meeting (13th October 2015)

These were agreed, and were signed off.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes
4. Treasurer’s update

The amount in the bank account was £10,293. There were a few cheques due to be paid in, including £530 for the Autumn supper, but insurance is due soon.

We discussed money we paid for PRS (for playing and performing music), and Carolyn agreed to check with them whether we still need to pay as we are a registered charity.

Carolyn agreed to prepare the year’s accounts for the AGM. John Buse has kindly agreed to audit them for us again.

Action: Carolyn

5. Entertainments

The recent soup and mince pie night made £100, and was well attended and enjoyed. We decided to try doing four ‘seasonal’ Free Fridays during next year to see if these were better attended than the regular evenings in the past. The next event due is the New Years Eve party (theme Black and White), 60 people are due to attend. Sue agreed to arrange the music licence and setting up will be done the evening before.

In January the 12th night supper was agreed for Saturday 9th January. This will be a ‘bring and share’ event, with no bar. There will be a raffle which is usually donated to a charity and we agreed to donate this year’s money to FORCE. Setting up will be the previous evening (Friday 8th) at 6pm. Teresa and Dave agreed to do the picture quiz.
Action: Teresa/All

The theme night will be arranged as a ‘school dinners’ theme – probably around the end of March.

6. Building/works
Rob will be looking at getting plans for the extension drawn up in the new year
Action: Rob
7. Lottery Bid for Equipment
We discussed possible ideas for a lottery bid for the community that the Parish Council were putting together. A hearing loop and a PA system for the Hall were suggested, and Lorna agreed to contact Carol Miltenburg to let her know
Action: Lorna
8. AOB

It was agreed that we would continue to use the moveable heaters and get the overhead ones removed.

Neville has fitted the bottle opener to Kimmo’s barrel, and will arrange to get a tray to fit for the lids.

The children’s party is now to be arranged by Andy and Ruhi. We agreed to get a gift for Anne to thank her for arranging this previously, and Teresa agreed to organise this

Action: Teresa

The AGM, will be on Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 7.30pm. We will have a quick meeting prior to the start at 7pm. Notices need to go up 14 days before. Lorna will put these up, asking any people wishing to stand to put their names forward. She will check which Trustees are due to stand down this year and to find out if they are happy to stand again.
Action: Lorna

9. Date of next meeting  :  Tuesday 26th Jan. 7pm before the AGM at 7.30pm

Everybody thanked Carolyn for hosting the meeting, and for lovely nibbles and mulled wine.


Tuesday 27th January 2015

1. Your Trustees:
Attending: Rob Summers (Chairman), Carolyn Selley (Treasurer), Lorna Ockenden (Secretary), Phillip Ambler, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, John Pearce, Peter Rugg, Teresa Wilmington-Wills.
Apologies: Eleanor Wood
Also in Attendance:
John Buse, Taffy Davies, Angela Pearce, Henry Smith, Melanie Smith, Paul Tolchard.
Apologies were received from Rick Wood.
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Minutes from last year’s meeting on 28/01/14 were given out. These were agreed and signed off.
3. Matters Arising
4. Annual Report – Year to 31st October 2014 Rob Summers (Chairman)
Rob Summers presented his annual report. He thanked the trustees and all those who have helped in many different ways with the organisation and running of the hall. He also appealed for a project manager to oversee a possible extension for the hall this year, if anyone was willing to come forward. See attachment for full report. He also noted that we were planning to get a separate electrical circuit put in for the heaters, so that hirers of the hall would pay separately for heating via a meter.
5. Annual Accounts – Year to 31st October 2014 Carolyn Selley (Treasurer)
Carolyn Selley presented the accounts for income and expenditure for the year ended 31st October 2014. These accounts have been audited – thank you to John Buse for this. See attachment for details. Carolyn noted the main points: the accounts were similar to the previous year – a few of the entertainment events were a little higher or lower than before, most notable was the Duck Dash, which it is thought clashed with some other local events, so we may need to review the date for this next year. The takings from two Autumn suppers were banked during this financial year. Thank you to everyone who helped with marshalling for the Grizzly run – this helped to provide a good income although a little less this year as we had easier spots to cover! Cleaning costs were down (thank you to Teresa), and strimming and grass cutting were being done at working groups. The electricity costs appeared distorted due to the amendment of the account and adjustment of direct debit payments. It had been agreed for the Trustees to look into whether we could save by changing supplier.
The surplus to be carried forward to next year’s figures was £16, 470.91
Rob thanked Carolyn for producing these accounts and John Buse for auditing them. People were reminded that as a community group, we needed to make a profit for the use of the Hall to put towards maintenance and upkeep etc., and to be reinvested in the local community. However the main aim is not to make a large profit, but to keep costs low enough that the Hall would be regularly used for community events as intended.
Aims for next year include a possible extension to the Hall, in order to increase storage space. As mentioned above we would love to have a project manager, if anyone was willing to come forward. We had been blessed last time, to have so much help from Kimmo Evans who did so much work towards arranging the new build of the Hall.
6. Elections
In accordance with our constitution, the the four longest serving Trustees were required to stand down, and could then re-stand for election if they wished. The following retired as trustees and said that they were willing to stand again:
Lorna Ockenden
John Pearce
Peter Rugg
Teresa Wilmington-Wills
Two names had been put forward to stand as new Trustees – Melanie Smith and Russell Thomson. These were both proposed by Eleanor Wood and seconded by John Pearce. There were no objections to any of these people becoming Trustees and as this would complete the full number of Trustees (12) they were appointed.

7. AOB
Rob mentioned that Defra were consulting on withdrawing funding from the ACRE network (Action with Communities in Rural England). This is the umbrella organisation for England’s rural community councils including the Community Council of Devon who have helped us in the past with selling chairs, the rebuild of the hall, and with our constitution. There is an e-petition on-line for anyone who wishes to sign it.
Rob thanked those who attended.
8. Next Year’s AGM: Tuesday 26th January 2016
The meeting closed at 8:25pm