Umborne Hall Trustees meeting 13 October 2015

Tuesday 13th October 2015, 7pm, At Umborne Hall

Present: Phillip Ambler, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Lorna Ockenden, John Pearce, Carolyn Selley, Melanie Smith, Rob Summers, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Eleanor Wood
1. Apologies

Peter Rugg

2. Minutes of previous meeting (18th August 2015)

These were agreed, and were signed off.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes
DACB subs have now been paid
4. Treasurer’s update

The Duck Dash brought in £270 recently (up on last year), and we have had £1000 in this year from the Grizzly, and £1194 from the Umborne Ug. We still have a good income from Hall hire and expenditure similar to last year (main outgoing is insurance at approx. £800). Amounts in the bank accounts in August totalled approx. £17,000.

5. Entertainments – planning for Autumn supper
Action: All

The feedback from the Duck Dash was that the evening time was well received, so we will plan to do this again next year.

Plans for the Autumn supper on 24th October were discussed – Trustees were asked to let Rick and Eleanor know if attending. The format last year was popular so will be repeated. People agreed to help as follows:

Carolyn – eating apples
Phillip/Linda – coleslaw, sanding of boards for breads etc
Melanie – fruit salad and cream, flowers for bar table
Teresa – bar supplies and serving (Carolyn to help)
Rick – table quiz
Rob – PA system
Everyone – to bring bread knives and salt/pepper pots
Puddings – Georgie (brownies), Teresa (apple pud), Lorna, Linda, John to ask Angela
Eleanor – everything else!

Setting up will be at 6pm on Friday 23rd Oct, and help will be needed with wrapping cheeses, pate etc.

We may run an informal wine and mince pie evening in early December.

The theme night for next year was proposed as ‘school dinners’

6. Building/works Action: John, Rob, Neville
Strimming session – we planned one more this year – Saturday 17th October, morning (or whenever people can help). More weed killer is also needed on the carpark.
John has re-varnished our sign, and will arrange to do the window sills with Rob.
Rob has discussed the wiring of the heaters into a coin operated meter with an electrician, but it would cost around £700 to get this done. We discussed increasing the hire costs of the hall to cover the heating instead, but it was decided to leave them the same for this year and monitor for any increased electricity costs and review if necessary next year.
Neville brought paint colour matching strips and will get some paint to touch up the walls and ceiling.
7. AOB
Nothing to discuss this time
8. Date of next meeting

Pre- Christmas meeting, Weds 16th Dec 7pm at Carolyn’s house (Carolyn will let people know if this date needs to be changed).