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[16 Jun 2015 | Comments Off on Umborne Hall Trustees meeting minutes 5.5.15 | 79 views]

Wednesday 5th May 2015, 7pm, At Umborne Hall
Present: Rob Summers, Phillip Ambler, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Eleanor Wood, John Pearce
1. Apologies
Melanie Smith, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Lorna Ockenden, Peter Rugg, Carolyn Selley
2. Phillip volunteered to take the Minutes
3. Minutes of previous meeting 11th March 2015
These were agreed and signed off.
4. Matters arising from previous minutes
See under Entertainments
5. Community Building Fund
Before applying we need to get a costed plan for the project and Planning Permission. Rob has spoken to Harris Timber who would be keen to quote, as …

Community, Events »

[1 Jun 2015 | Comments Off on Umborne Ug 10k and Fun Run Report | 683 views]
Umborne Ug 10k and Fun Run Report

(Main race photos courtesy of Helene Buse – others contributed by Dennis Elliott and Rick Wood. Photos can be enlarged by left clicking once and then left click again for full screen picture)
The Umborne Ug 10k celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Saturday evening (May 30th) at Umborne Hall at 6pm. The 10k run had its highest number of runners in 10 years with 91 keen runners from far and wide – even two men on a walking holiday from the Czech Republic – all excited to tackle the challenging, hilly, …