Umborne Hall Trustees meeting 11.3.15

Wednesday 11th March 2015, 7pm, At Umborne Hall

Present: Phillip Ambler, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Lorna Ockenden, Carolyn Selley, Melanie Smith, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Eleanor Wood

Melanie was welcomed to the meeting as a new Trustee
1. Apologies

John Pearce, Peter Rugg, Rob Summers

2. Minutes of previous meeting (27th January 2015)

These were agreed, and will be signed off.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes
None discussed
4. Election of Trustees chairman and secretary

Rob has agreed to stand for one more year as chairperson, and Lorna agreed to continue as secretary. Rob was proposed by Carolyn, seconded by Eleanor, Lorna was proposed by Sue, seconded by Phillip. No-one else wished to stand so both were re-elected. Eleanor reported that Russell Thomson had decided not to become a Trustee, so we have one vacancy.

5. Treasurer’s report

Carolyn gave an update on the latest figures in our accounts – £8448, £516, £48 and £6222. The only recent income was from hire of the hall. We discussed the possibility of putting up a print-out of the hall calendar on one of the notice boards so people could see how often it is used, and Carolyn also offered to put up a copy of her spreadsheet of income received.

6. Entertainments
We agreed a date for the theme night this year (Saturday 16th May) and decided on an Indian theme, which we will plan for at the next meeting.
We discussed the Ug, which will be on Saturday 30th May at 6pm. We agreed some tasks for this:
Teresa – bar
Neville (and Sue if available – Carolyn if not) – barbecue
Melanie – teas, coffees and cakes (Teresa to ask Geraldine and Katie if they will help too)
We also discussed a ‘pudding and pie’ evening, which we decided to do as an informal evening such as a ‘Free Friday’ – this will be organised later in the year.
Eleanor thanked all who helped at the recent Grizzly race.
7. Building/works
Nothing new was discussed. Neville has purchased and put up solar lights for the bridge, and Phillip has organised a projector which he has available if needed. It had been decided that Neville will organise getting a bottle opener to be fitted to Kimmo’s barrel, and John is arranging a wooden sign for the barrel.
8. AOB

Eleanor showed 2 letters of thanks that we have received for recent donations that we made from the New Year’s Eve event, and the 12th Night raffle:
£100 sent to the Seaton & District Hospital League of Friends in memory of Kimmo, and £50 sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee to help the Ebola crisis.
9. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 7pm, at the Hall