Kimmo’s Party


(photos, courtesy of Rodney!, can be enlarged by left clicking once and then left clicking again for a full screen picture)

Almost 90 locals met up at Umborne Hall on Saturday 7th March 2015 to celebrate the life and love of our late dear friend Kimmo Evans. This was his wife Steph’s idea supported by their daughter Jess. And what a party it was!


Rob had kindly set up his disco which Paddy with Bill’s technical help had sorted out. Many helpers had set up the hall to make a friendly and warm atmosphere. The evening started with a raffle organised by Steph & Jess, with the prizes being some of Kimmo’s treasured possessions.

  • DSC06617DSC06620DSC06622DSC06623DSC06624

Most people had brought along either savoury food or desserts and this, along with the free Evans bar, created a most convivial atmoshpere. Then there was dancing for a few hours – and how we danced!

  • DSC06627DSC06628DSC06629DSC06630DSC06631DSC06632DSC06633DSC06634DSC06635DSC06636DSC06637DSC06644DSC06638DSC06645
  • DSC06655A late arrival feels the need to test the local ale:
  • DSC06653

Then the local magician arrives to entertain the late night revellers:

DSC06664DSC06665DSC06666And finally, the last one standing ( or rather sitting) decides that a night cap at home is called for:


It was indeed a memorable evening and our thanks go to Steph and Jess for putting it on and hosting it both bravely and in such a welcoming and friendly way.   Thank you and well done.