Umborne Hall Trustees meeting 11.11.14

Tuesday 11th November 2014, 7pm, At Umborne Hall
Present: Neville Cheeseman, Lorna Ockenden, Peter Rugg, Carolyn Selley, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Eleanor Wood
1. Apologies

Phillip Ambler, Sue Gush, John Pearce, Rob Summers

2. Minutes of previous meeting (16th Sept)

These were agreed, and will be signed off at the next meeting.

3. Matters arising from previous minutes
Carolyn was thanked for purchasing the items required for the kitchen. It was agreed that she should get another box of wine glasses, and that we would move the older small glasses and some brown plates that were rarely used to the top storage in the hallway.
The strimming session was successful, although with limited support. It was decided that next time some drinks would be provided for any helpers, although another session wouldn’t be needed until the spring/summer.
4. Planning for AGM and Trustees due to retire/re-stand
The AGM will be on 27th January 2015. According to the Deed of Trust, the four longest serving trustees (since re-election) are required to stand down, but can agree to re-stand. These will be Lorna, John, Peter and Teresa. Lorna, Peter and Teresa reported that they were happy to stand again. We need to find out about John and to check with Rob if he is happy to continue as chairperson. We still have 2 vacancies – we will ask Rick to advertise on the news email group to see if anyone is interested. Carolyn agreed to arrange the cheese and wine for the AGM this year.
Action: Carolyn
5. Treasurer’s report
Carolyn gave an update on the current situation. The current balance in the main account was £9200, and more has been banked recently. Balances in the other accounts totals approx. £15,000. The Autumn supper made £592 profit. Carolyn agreed to arrange to get the accounts audited before the AGM in January, and will approach John Buse who has kindly helped us in the past.
Action: Carolyn
6. Entertainment
It was reported that feedback from the Autumn supper had been positive, and so we would plan to do something similar next year. No negative comments had been received about the slightly increased prices so it was agreed to continue at these new rates. The next event will be the 12th night supper on Saturday 10th January 2015 at 7:30pm. This is traditionally a ‘sharing’ evening, with people bringing a plate of finger food to share, and their own drinks, so should be easy to organise. The raffle money is usually given to a local or relevant charity, and it was decided this time to donate to the Seaton League of Friends, as Kimmo has been raising awareness and funds for them, as they have been so helpful and supportive.
The next informal meeting and trustees Christmas social was arranged for Wednesday 17th December at Rob’s house.
Other entertainments planned for the early part of 2015 include Teresa’s pudding and pie evening, which was postponed from last year.
We agreed to help set up for the 12th night supper at 6pm, on Friday 9th January
Action: All
7. Building/works

Nothing was discussed at this meeting, although the issue of the heating was raised again. We need to have a look at some other halls e.g. Whitford, to see what options may be available.

8. AOB
No other points were raised at the meeting.
9. Date of next Meeting
Informal meeting and trustees Christmas social at Rob’s house on Weds 17th December.