New Year’s Eve Party 2014

IMG_0919IMG_0921IMG_0922IMG_0923IMG_0924IMG_0925IMG_0926IMG_0927(to enlarge photos, left click once and then left click again for a full screen shot – photos courtesy of Rodney and Rick)

Over 50 people of all ages came to Umborne Hall on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the start of 2015.


First of all, to get people in the mood, was Eleanor’s game of Irish Bingo – as more and more people were eliminated in this game of real skill, Chris Solway was the eventual winner.



Then it was food time – large fajitas with coleslaw and dips – the size of the fajitas made them slightly difficult to eat!


Well done Neville and Eleanor for preparing the food.



The theme this year was Glastonbury – and most people made the effort to dress accordingly.


The hall was decorated so well, mostly by Sue & Rodney. Some preferred to play with their new i-phones!


fall in love:


or just watch others dancing:



Then there was the dancing – nearly 4 hours of it thanks to Rob and his fantastic disco – we tried eveything including the macarena and oops up side your head!

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The next day some weary, blurry eyed people came to help clear the hall.


There was a profit on the night of £50 thanks to some giving extra donations and a cheque for this amount will be sent to the Ebola crisis. Thanks to everyone for such a fun night.