November weather Report

Here is my latest Weather Report, for November and Autumn 2014.

There were five main similarities between the weather in
November with that of October.

The warmest afternoon high occurred on the first day of the
month. In November’s case this was 18.0C.
The month was milder than average. The mean temperature
of nearly 9.7C, would place it about two degrees higher than I would
reasonably expect. But this November was not as mild as that of 2011.
Several unusually warm afternoon highs occurred at
regular intervals throughout the month. The reading of 15.5C on 29th
in sunny, still conditions, being the most remarkable. I do not recall
such a figure being recorded through just sunshine at this time of year.
Usually, we need a SWesterly breeze with sunny intervals for this to happen.
November was another wet month, with 137.2mm of rainfall. Measurable rainfall was recorded on 22 days, as opposed to 23 in October. During the first twenty two days, there were only two days without falls of rain being recorded. After the initial mild opening, and following the first rainless day, there was a ground frost on the 6th and another on the 9th. Minimum air temperatures remained just above freezing however, and it took until the 24th to record the first negative minimum temperature of the Autumn at -0.8C This is the latest date on which I have recorded this initial frost. My average date
of 29th October will now have to be moved to the 31st!

After the 22nd the rainfall eased off somewhat and temperatures fell. The last eight days of the month contributed just 12mm of the monthly total of rainfall, whilst the 25th and 26th both had maximum temperatures below 10C. There were three significantly wet 24-hour periods; 6-7th;10-11th & 15-16th, all with falls in excess of 20mm. The highest, by a short margin was the total of 26mm. on the 10th.

Autumn has been reckoned nationwide as the third mildest on record. All three Autumn months here were recorded to have above average temperatures, with the most remarkable factor being the various peaks of warmth that occurred scattered through the two later months. My
average temperature (13.2+C) came out about 1.5C higher than in 2013 and
slightly above that of 2011.

Rainfall is represented by one dry and two wet months
giving a total of 287.8mm. September was drier than last year’s dry
month. November’s total was just over double the total for that of
November 2013, but October, although wet, fell far behind the very high
total for last year.

Peter at Pottlelake