June Weather Report

June 2014 Weather Report:


June 2014 continued the ‘positive’ trend that has typified
the weather of 2014 so far. Warmer, sunnier and only slightly wetter
than average.  The last of these factors might normally be seen as a
negative, but when combined with summer characterisations of warmer andsunnier conditions, without an excessively high total, is probably
considered a good thing, going some way to mitigate the potential
drought-like conditions.

The month fell into three distinct regimes, 2nd-8th- initially cool and overally unsettled with about 5/9ths of the rainfall total for the month, which came out at 45.9mm. 9th-25th,  completely dry and with three peaks of warm days: 12th-15th, 18th-19th, 22nd-24th.  Eight of these days recorded highs of over 25C, with the warmest being 26.9C on the 13th. This figure is effectively the same as the high in 2013 – 27C on the 19th. The final spell: 26th-30th brought cooler, unsettled conditions back again, with the wettest day of the month coming on  the 26th with 14.5mm.  We were spared cold nights too; the lowest reading occuring on the 1st with a minimum of 7.8C.

Overall June 2014 was the warmest I have reliably recorded,
with day highs averaging over 22C and nights at nearly 11C. The month
recorded half as much rainfall more than 2013, but it fell on ten days
as opposed to twelve last year. It was getting on for three degrees
warmer than the sodden June of 2012.

Peter at Pottlelake