Shute Parish Council meeting 26.9.13




AT 7.30PM.



Those present: Cllrs. D Loud, J Pearce, Ms C Miltenburg, R Orsman, P Rugg, Mrs E Sweetland and R Wood, Chair and Vice-Chairman of Dalwood Parish Council (part of the meeting) 3 members of the public and Mrs M Thomas (Clerk).


The Chairman, Cllr P Rugg opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present and reported Cllr Carol Miltenburg will be acting as Clerk due to Mrs Thomas having a broken arm.




Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr W Marshall, Dist Cllr I Chubb,


C Cllr A Moulding and PCSO Amanda Wooster.


PSCO Amanda Wooster sent written apologies which also advised that PCSO Hayley Widger has now joined the town area of Axminster which will allow PCSO Andy Trott to cover the rural areas. There have been two crimes since the last meeting, attempted burglary to a garage and theft from a motor vehicle. Noted.




The circulated minutes of the Meeting of Shute Parish Council held on 8th August 2013 were approved and duly signed as correct.




BT Damaged telephone wire near Marsh Farm. The clerk reported BT has promised to repair the wire but as this has not been done agreed the matter to be reported again.


Footpath Warden: Jenny Ford has offered to be a warden for Shute and a new map of the footpaths has been obtained. Agreed that she should be appointed and to try to obtain further maps for Councillors.




Christopher Pole-Carew gave a short explanation of a proposed circular (attached to the minutes) to be distributed to all households in the parish. After discussion this circular was agreed with minor amendments and also agreed a letter from the Chairman of the Parish Council to be attached with the Parish Council financing the printing and arranging distribution.


At this point of the meeting Christopher Pole-Carew reported the Parishes Paper is having difficulties with appointing an Editor as the present Editor is finding the workload too much and needs assistance. After discussion agreed this matter to be left to the appropriate committee.




Hitchcock Trust. A meeting of the Trustees was organised (minutes attached). A letter to be sent to Mr Seward regarding the erection of a fence. The matter of overgrowth clearance to be looked into further with possibly obtaining grants and/or Shute Parish Council with Kilmington Parish Council applying under the Parishes Together scheme.




As already recorded there is the suggestion of applying working with Kilmington Parish Council for funds to clear undergrowth at Shute Woods (Hitchcock Trust)


Dalwood Parish Council, the Chair & Vice-Chair being present at this meeting, made the case for working with them to provide grit bin(s) at Moorcox Lane, to assist funding for mental health project in Axminster and or money towards the Ring & Ride Service. Agreed as this grant can be divided to give the matter some thought with a final decision to be made at the next meeting.


Regarding monies received from last year’s application with Dalwood Parish Council the Clerk to look into the matter.




East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Draft Management Strategy 2014 – 2109 This is now ready for consultation with the closing date for feedback 10th October. Cllr R Orsman and the Chairman agreed to look into this matter and if there are any comments to contact the Clerk.


DALC AGM & Conference. This to take place on 12th October at Westpoint. No interest was shown.


Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring & Ride Service – Grant Application The service continues to offer door-to-door journeys for all parishioners who are unable to use public transport due to mobility or other problems or because they live in a rural area where little transport is available. Proposed by Cllr Wood, seconded by Cllr Loud to make a grant of £50.00. All were in favour.


East Devon Citizens Advice Bureau – Grant Application. Financial assistance is requested to help to continue to provide services. Proposed by D Loud, seconded by Cllr R Orsman and all in favour to make a grant of £35.00


Healthwatch Devon. Questionnaire regarding experiences and views regarding the health and social care services received. Agreed for the Clerk to complete and return.


Devon Rural Housing Trust EDDC is committed to seeking to provide more affordable housing for local people in communities which need them. The Community Council of Devon are therefore writing to all Parish Councils where there has been no recent Affordable Housing provision and/or no up-to-date housing needs survey to establish whether a parish wishes to consider this issue further. The Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council returned a form to indicate an interest.


EDDC – Proposed Post-Publication Changes to the Local Plan After discussion agreed no representations to be made.


EDDC – Open Spaces Study Consultation. A survey form to be completed and returned. As there are no changes the Clerk to complete and return.


EDDC – Working Together An event to be held with the emphasis on Helping Families and Communities to be held on 11th October at Sidmouth. No interest.


EDDC Devon Waste Plan Consultation DCC as the Waste Planning Authority is responsible for land use planning matters relating to waste. Of key importance this includes ensuring that there are appropriate sites in the right locations for waste sorting, recycling and management. DCC consults EDDC who in turn consults Parish and Town Councils. It was agreed Shute Parish Council supports the present policy.


EDDC – Surface Water Flooding, Sandbags. A request for 100 bags has been made and Cllr Carol Miltenburg agreed to collect these on behalf of the Parish Council.


Environment Agency -Notice board. A copy of the proposed notice board to be erected at Whitford has been received. Councillors were well pleased with the proposal, the Clerk has already thanked the EA for their effort in providing this. The EA are checking with the Land Registry before erection.




Colhayne Lane – Following the Chairman questioning the road repairs DCC write Colhayne Lane is a site being used to trial a new system of patching roads. Essentially it is a velocity jet patching system that is cheaper for the authority and better for the environment.


Cllr Mrs Sweetland reported a loose manhole cover at Seaton Junction, she agreed to look into this matter.


Regarding the Blue Waste Bin at Redgate Farm which is on/beside the highway the Clerk to chase this matter.


At Umborne/Patches Cottage/Colhayne the road needs bollards to mark the edge of the stream. The Clerk to report this matter.


Blocked culvert on north side of road by Ferndale. Clerk to report.


Blind Lane. A further meeting has been held when it was agreed the lane should be piped. In the meantime all the undergrowth has been cut down. Noted.




No matters were brought forward.




Planning Applications


13/1785/FUL Samurai Buildings, Seaton Junction, Axminster. Erection of security fence and gates. Following a site meeting Councillors of Shute Parish Council agreed the following comments to be sent:-


Shute Parish Council object to this proposal as it stands on the grounds of highway safety for vehicles and pedestrians.


It is noted the proposed will :


Block visibility for all vehicles leaving the Samurai Buildings and Lyme Bay Winery.


It will cause vehicles leaving the Samurai Buildings to drive directly into the middle of the road as no splays are provided.


Larger vehicles, lorries delivering to Lyme Bay Winery or travelling to Whitford will drive further into the road to avoid hitting mirrors etc thus making the road impassable for two vehicles.


Although the Design & Access Statement states the proposal would not affect access to and from premises this is questioned as there are only two gates for many businesses. There is no provision for deliveries/collections to be made from the business units causing parking on the highway which is a Class III road and not wide enough to provide parking.


At present pedestrians can find refuge from traffic when necessary but the security fence will leave them exposed to vehicles travelling this piece of road. (There is a deep ditch on the opposite side of the road.)


Precise measurements must be approved by the Highways Agency as it is questioned if the fence is being built on the highway. See previous correspondence relating to these premises.


The Parish Council support any measures which will improve the visual amenity of the site in an AONB an understand the need of security fencing. To this end it is felt if the fence is erected 2 metres from the edge of the highway the grounds for objection would be addressed,:-


Providing visibility for vehicles leaving the premises/adjoining premises before entering the highway,


Providing space for vehicles to partially turn before entering the highway


Leaving room for parking inside the fence remembering the condition already imposed (no storage including the storage of vehicles) above 3 metres in height shall take place outside the building approved)


Providing space for pedestrians to walk the highway with relative safety


It is also questioned if any landscaping could be provided i.e. vegetation planted inside the fence and parking on the highway can be limited to assist with the visual amenity and highway safety in the AONB which has been a concern to the Parish Council and parishioners for many years.



Noted this application has been withdrawn.



13/1980/LBC 6 Shute House, Shute. Rebuilding of chimney stack. Agreed no objection providing Listed Building Regulations are adhered.



Planning Decisions – Approved


13/0065/FUL Greenhayes Cottage, Whitford. Alterations and extensions (to include new porch and extended conservatory) (Amended plans).



13/0067/LBC Greenhayes Cottage, Whitford. Removal of internal walls at first floor level and external alterations including raising the height of front porch and extension to conservatory (amended plans).



13/1481/LBC 4 Beagles Row, Shute. Re-roof lean-to extension.





Cheques to be paid


Axe Valley Ring & Ride, grant £50.00


East Devon CAB, grant £35.00


HMRC – PAYE for Clerk, July/Sept £123.00


Mrs M Thomas, Clerk’s salary April – June back pay £45.60, July/Sept £492.00, Ink £10.00, Internet/Phone £30.00, paper £3.00 £535.00

Payment proposed by Cllr D Loud, seconded by Cllr R Orsman and agreed.




Reported the seat at Easy Bridge has collapsed. Cllr Pearce agreed to make repairs.


Details of a Flower Arranging course to be held at Shute Church on 16th October were circulated.




The next Parish Council meeting to take place on 7th November at Umborne Hall, 7.30pm.


There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 8.55pm