Shute Parish Council meeting 16.1.14



AT 7.30PM.

Those present: Cllrs. D Loud, W Marshall, J Pearce, Ms C Miltenburg, R Orsman,

P Rugg, Mrs E Sweetland and R Wood, C Cllr A Moulding, Dist Cllr I Chubb, PCSO A Trott (for part of the meeting) and Mrs M Thomas (Clerk).

The Chairman, Cllr Peter Rugg welcomed everyone and thanked all those who had sent card and their best wishes during his recent ill-health and stated it was nice to be back.


No apologies were received.


The circulated minutes of the Meeting of Shute Parish Council held on 12th December 2013 were approved and duly signed as correct.


DALC – Axminster Committee meeting. This to be held on 28th January when Shute Parish Council will act as hosts. Agreed all Councillors to try to attend with the exception of Cllr Wood who will be on holiday.

Hitchcock Trust Land. This matter of the recently erected fence to be investigated.


PCSO Andy Trott reported PCSO Amanda Wooster has difficulty in attending meetings due to other commitments and now he will be trying to cover Axminster Town and Rural areas. He reported there has only been one crime since the last meeting, the theft of red diesel. There will be property marking days at Millers Farm Shop on 25th January and Musbury Hall on 1st February. It was questioned why the theft of the chevron at Shute Pier was not included in crimes since the last meeting, it was thought this could be because it was not reported through the tel 101 system. After discussion it was agreed there are contacts for the police either through the Clerk, tel 101 or the community messaging system to which all are welcome the sigh up to.

PCSO Andy Trott was thanked for attending the meeting and left the room.


No meetings have been attended since the last Parish Council meeting.


The Chairman reported he has been in contact with Dalwood Parish Council and is actively looking into gaining quotes for work to be carried out in the parishes of Dalwood and Shute regarding the grant already received which has to be spent before the middle of March.

Cllr Carol Miltenbug reported she is waiting for news regarding the application for the next Working Together Grant which is on behalf of Kilmington and Shute Parish Councils for clearance and improving the amenity value of land at Shute Woods which is under the ownership of Hitchcock Trust. She has also submitted an application to the Lottery Grant, Grow Wild for the same area.

It was reported the dead oak tree on the site has been removed.

Regarding this piece of land Mr Seward will be contacted regarding the erection of a barbed wire fence.


DCC – Social Care Commissioning. Devon County Council is reviewing the Accommodation Strategy for older people in Devon including the role of the Council as a direct provider of services. The Service need is changing with an increase in the number of older people with dementia or mental health needs and a decline in residential placements for older frail people. Events to gather views of key stakeholders have been arranged. It was agreed C Cllr A Moulding who will be attending will report any relevant information back to Shute Parish Council.

EDDC – Housing Allocations. A request has been received for assistance in providing a ‘Welcome Pack’ to new tenants of housing within East Devon. Agreed the Clerk to look into this matter.

DALC – Nomination to Buckingham Palace Garden Parties. Request for a nomination for a member of Shute Parish Council. It was proposed, seconded and agreed for the Clerk to be nominated.


Following the last meeting the Clerk to look into all the issues raised.

DCC – Lengthsman. DCC write unfortunately following the recent and ongoing severe weather a number of routine planned works have been suspended in order to Parish Lengthsman Programme being delayed. Noted.

The flooding of Lodge Lane and the road surface from Easy Bridge to 3 Sycamores was again raised. It was again reported Devon has a large network of roads and DCC have difficulty in raising finance to address the highway problems especially as the Government Grants are being reduced. It was agreed for the Clerk to write to David Cameron, M P, Prime Minister and all write to Neil Parish, M P asking for an increase in finance to Devon County Council to maintain roads within Devon.

It was reported stones are again washing down Blind Lane but the problem is not as great as before. Agreed to monitor this area.

Potholes to be reported were noted, namely at Colhayne Lane Shute Woods and at the bottom of Colcombe Wood.

Reported the road between Musbury and Whitford is flooding with the water not receding possibly due to build up of shingle. This matter to be reported.


No matters were brought forward.


Planning Applications

13/2712/FUL and 13/2713/FUL Land south of Hill Farm, Dalwood. Barn and silage pit. Following a site meeting agreed to support this application.

13/2733/LBC 6 Shute House, Shute. Rebuilding of chimney stack. Agreed to support.

13/2789/FUL Shute Marsh House, Shute. Replacement storage building (retrospective).After discussion agreed to support.

13/2790/FUL Shute Marsh Farm, Shute. Erection of building to house chickens (retrospective). Agreed to support. (Cllr Carol Miltenburg declared an interest).

14/0076/FUL Green Acres, Old Taunton Road, Dalwood. Retrospective application for construction of 3 bay open-fronted storage building. Agreed for a site meeting to be held to determine comments to be returned.


Cheques to be paid

Whitford Village Hall, hall hire 2013/2014 £50.00

Umborne Hall, hall hire 2013/2014 £50.00

A Gosling, Internal Audit 2013 £20.00

M Prideaux, War Memorial Maintenance, 2013/2014 £25.00

Arthur Hitchcock Trust, Public Liability Insurance (50%) £156.94

Mrs M Thomas, Clerk’s salary Oct-Dec £455.60, ink £10.00, Internet/phone £30, paper£3.00, envelopes £2.87, postage £2.50 £503.97

HMRC – PAYE £113.80

Scott Rowe, annual deed storage charges £10.00

Parish Precept

Estimated accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014 were circulated (attached to the minutes) and discussion followed. It was noted the disposable income for the next financial year will increase by approximately by £1,000 and it was suggested the precept be increased to provide a parish lengthsman.

Proposed by Cllr R Orsman and seconded by Cllr W Marshall to increase the precept by £100 to £4,200.

Proposed by Cllr R Wood and seconded by Cllr J Pearce to increase the precept by £200 to £4,300.

A vote was taken and agreed by 5 votes to 3 to increase the precept by £200 to £4,300.


C Cllr Andrew Moulding advised if the Parish Council is unsuccessful regarding their grant applications for the Hitchcock Land project he may be able to assist under the Locality Awards. Councillors thanked him.

Cllr Mrs Sweetland questioned if an action has been taken regarding the blue waste bin at Redgate Farm. Dist Cllr I Chubb agreed to look into the matter.

Reported a rail is broken at the end of the fence at Whitford Bridge. Clerk to report to EA.


The next Parish Council meeting to take place on 27th February 2014 at Whitford Village Hall, 7.30pm.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.00pm