Greek theme night

On Saturday 17th May, 63 people of all ages enjoyed our annual theme night at Umborne Hall. The theme selected this year was a Greek night. As guests arrived, they were offered Ouzo and lemonade. Many people came dressed up for the occasion or brought a valuable Greek artefact with them!  Some wore a T shirt which they had worn once on a Greek holiday!

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We had Gods and Goddesses,


DSC03314a marathon runner


and others – some obscure (check out Paul’s clock face from the Greek khronos for time ).

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We even had a Homer – well admittedly it was Homer Simpson (alias Andrea)


who won the best dressed female  :

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and Rodney was the best dressed male as a traditional Greek soldier together with pom-poms on his shoes! :



The food, organised by Eleanor and cooked by her and the Trustees, was a starter of dips (tzatziki, tiramasalata and hummous) with pitta bread, followed by Greek  moussaka


and finished off with Greek yoghurt or Greek ice-cream and Greek  honey (sort of!) Pentax Digital Camera The table quizzes were popular – a 12 face picture quiz and a 38 question page on many aspects of Greek life and history.


People came up with the usual jokes including “What’s the capital of Greece?”    “About 100 euros” was the most popular answer! The winning table quiz score was 58 out 70; Pentax Digital CameraThe raffle organised by Antonia and Paul raised £110 – so many thanks to them and everyone for buying tickets and also bringing prizes.


Eleanor organised a “What’s a Greek urn” game – 80 spaces to fill                     ( numbers 1-80) and this was won by Lydia who chose 69.  Prior to the evening, John Coe had selected this number in secret and put it in a sealed envelope.  Still not sure why they both chose this number.

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Rob and Andy sorted out the Greek music – our thanks to them. Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera Thank you to everyone for coming and supporting us and recognising the value of community spirit in a scattered community. £460 was raised for the hall funds – more photos courtesy of the Gushes:



Rick & Eleanor.