Umborne Weather Report Nov. 2013

   Here is the latest Weather Report for November and Autumn 2013.

November started with a continuance of the mild but wet
conditions that had prevailed in October. The 1st brought the mildest night of the month, with a low of 8.8C, and by the 6th we were bathed in a particularly warm but cloudy airstream. However, the sun broke through at midday and shot the temperature up to 18C in a gesture to seemed to say a final ‘goodbye’ to summer.  This was the highest temperature in November since 2010 when the same day recorded a high of 19C.

Rain fell on each of the first eleven days of the month, but
then there was an overall easing in the Atlantic (zonal) flow, and the weather became generally more settled. Only four more days in the month thereafter had recordable rainfall with a total of 9mm out of the whole monthly total of 67mm. This was the lowest rainfall total in November since 2008.

With high pressure established to our west, a generally light
Northwesterly airflow became established from the 12th, and the wind remained generally from a northerly quarter for the rest of the month. The first airfrost, about two weeks later than average, occurred on the morning of the 13th but it was not until the 20th that it proved cold enough at night to blacken the dahlias. The lowest temperature of -3.9C was recorded on the morning of the 26th. Overall, November was slightly
colder than in 2012, but had a little over a third of the total
rainfall. Notable too was the number of mornings with calm conditions, and the final week of the month maintained the atmospheric pressure above 1030mb.  The coldest night coincided with the highest barometric reading since February 2012.

Autumn 2013 gave us a total of 326.1mm of rainfall falling
on 57 days. Its distribution showed a distinct peak in totals in the second part of October, and overall there was 70mm less rainfall than in 2012. Even so, the total was probably 120% of the average figure.

The mean temperature of 11.7C, arising from a mild October
and two near average months put 2013 about midway between a cool 2012 and warm 2011.

Peter at Pottlelake