Umborne Trustees’ meeting minutes 3.7.13



At Umborne Hall


Wednesday 3rd July 2013 7.30pm



Present: Neville Cheeseman, Paul Galloway, Liz Gosling, Lorna Ockenden, John Pearce, Peter Rugg, Rob Summers, Teresa Wilmington-Wills



  1. Apologies



Jan Coman, Kimmo Evans, Sue Gush, Eleanor Wood



  1. Minutes of previous meeting



These were agreed and signed off



  1. Matters arising from previous minutes


Rob thanked everyone for cleaning the windows. It was agreed that they were clean enough for a while and we would do them again when it was felt that we needed to. In the meantime if anyone is passing and happens to have an urge to clean them please feel free to do so!!


  1. Treasurer’s report


Paul updated the trustees with the latest figures. Please note that any cheques now need to be made payable to ‘Umborne Hall’ as our new name has been registered with the bank.


Paid in recently- the barbecue and Ug money, and cheques for hall hire and skittles (£162) which totalled £1287. We had an assessment of our electricity bill which we pay by direct debit – we are currently £62 underpaid so we need to keep a check on this so that we don’t build up a big underpayment.


Outgoings – we will be sending a cheque for the Community Council for Devon (£50) and for the digging out of the bank by the stream (£93).


  1. Entertainment



The Ug was considered very successful and seem to be enjoyed by all. It was mentioned that it is a very large event, and that we might consider a smaller barbecue later in the summer – possibly at a ‘Free Friday’.



Plans were made for the ‘Steam-up’ on Saturday 6th July. It was agreed to keep the prices as last year. Liz had already made most of the arrangements and others agreed to help with various tasks before and during the event.



Other events coming up – the Tim Maddams dinner at the Hall on 13th July, which is fully booked, and the duck race and barbecue on Sunday 1st September.



  1. Building/works


Rob has had a re-vamp of the kitchen to make more useable storage and worktop space. We have received some comments from hall users about not having a fridge, so we need to make people aware that we can arrange to get one in if needed for a particular event, if notice is given. We could include this on the booking form. It was thought that it would be a good idea to publicise our booking costs on the website, and on the notice boards outside the hall.


Action: John


  1. AOB


Inventory – we have been asked recently if we have an inventory of hall contents. Lorna has looked, but not found one, and it was agreed that if we had one it would be out of date. It was thought that this would be useful for hall users and a copy could be included with the booking form. Liz agreed to do a list of kitchen contents and Rob will do the tables/chairs.


Action: Liz and Rob


It has also been pointed out that we should have a copy of our certificate of insurance on display for hall users. The policy has been updated to reflect our name change to ‘Umborne Hall’, so Paul will photocopy this and John will get it laminated so we can display on the notice boards.


Action: Paul and John


Teresa mentioned the paper towels which are about to run out. Rob agreed to find out where they came from and order some more.


Action: Rob


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 21st August 2013, at 7:30pm, at the Hall