Duck Dash, Dog Show etc.

Our annual Duck Dash, Dog Show and much more took place in beautiful summery weather at Umborne Hall on Sunday 1st September.
Thank you so much to many local people  for your input from 3pm to 5.30pm. Although numbers were down on previous years ( I wonder why? holidays, beach?) it was very enjoyable thanks partly to the fine  weather.  Thank you duck sellers Antonia and Angela,
stream organisers Neville and Chris,
dog show helpers and judges Alex and Richard Brain,
Pentax Digital Camera
cream teas sellers and cake makers – Liz’s amazing team of her, Ella, Geraldine, Phyllis, Teresa and Sheila,
games helpers Eleanor and John P ( wellies and eggs)
Part time commentator Rob, children’s games organiser Eleanor, and anyone else I have forgotten! 
We made a total profit of £280 – comprising:
Food (cream teas and ice creams)    £139.35
Games (wellies and eggs)    £31.00
Animals ( ducks and dogs)  £119.10
Total:  £289.45
less miscellaneous expenses – prizes, treats, drinks etc  
=   £260  plus a donation of £20  = £280
Many thanks – R & E