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Edward Charles

Writing under his pseudonym Edward Charles, Ted has recently completed a trilogy of historical novels set in Florence between 1420 and 1496.

The three book series:  “The House of Medici”  follows the rise and fall of the Medici Bank through three generations, as seen through the eyes of three different people:

The House of Medici: Inheritance of Power

·         The House of Medici – Inheritance of Power has the theme of LOYALTY. It follows the rise of the family to power under Cosimo de Medici, and  is seen through the eyes of his blue-eyed black slave Maddalena. It was published two weeks ago by Pen & Sword and is available from Amazon here:


·        House of Medici - Seeds of Decline

The House of Medici – Seeds of Decline has the theme of RESENTMENT. Seen through the eyes of Lucrezia Tornabuoni, wife of Cosimo’s useless son Piero, it sees the growing weakness in the management of the Medici Bank and also of the political affairs of the State of Florence, as the ageing Cosimo and then his son Piero break all the rules that lay at the core of the Medici empire. This book has nearly finished editing and will be published at the end of September by Pen & Sword. For details and to pre-order, see:


·         The House of Medici – Decline and Fall has the theme of DISENCHANTMENT. In March 1492, Lorenzo the Magnificent (son of Lucrezia and grandson of Cosimo), lies dying in his mansion at Careggi, three miles outside Florence. As he approaches death he looks back over his life and wonders how, after such a magnificent start,  it has finally all gone so wrong.

                This manuscript has just been delivered to the publishers for later publication.

For more information oh his books, visit Ted’s website at http://www.edwardcharlesnovels.org/index.php

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