Shute Parish Council – minutes of meeting 10.1.13


The Chairman welcomed everyone present and wished all a happy and successful new year.

Those present: Cllrs. D Loud, B Marshall (part of the meeting), J Pearce, Ms C Miltenburg, R Orsman, P Rugg, Mrs E Sweetland and R Wood, 1 member of the public and Mrs M Thomas (Clerk).


Apologies were received and accepted from Dist Cllr I Chubb and C Cllr A Moulding and PCSO Amanda Wooster who reported there have been no crimes reported since the last meeting.


The circulated minutes of meeting held on 29th November 2012were approved and duly signed as correct.


DCC – Mobile Library The Outreach and Rural Services Manager thanks the Parish Council for communicating the 2013 information about the Mobile Library to the local community and is grateful for the suggestion about the change of time at Shute School. All stops are regularly reviewed for usage and if a space in the afternoon becomes available during 2013 the feedback will be included.

Jubilee Celebrations Regarding the planting of the Oak Tree at Bettys Ground the School Headmistress will arrange a date when some school children can attend together with the press. As for the photographs a CD has been given to the Clerk and it was agreed for the Parish Council to pay for printed copies to be obtained.

Notice Board at Easy Bridge, Umborne. Cllr Wood questioned the present situation. The Clerk explained a letter has been sent giving the go-ahead. Cllr Wood agreed to take this matter forward.

Parish Plan A meeting to be organised regarding the Action Plan. The Chairman suggested a letter be written to Mrs Judith Evans who has stepped down from the Committee thanking her for all the time and effort given to this project. All agreed.


The Clerk explained an application form has been completed on behalf of Dalwood and Shute Parish Council working together to provide an enhanced service by the lengthsman. The application will be decided upon on 1st February with results being confirmed a week after. Noted.


W A Nicholls & Sons Ltd A letter has been received stating W A Nicholls and Sons Ltd have recently taken the decision to put Shute Hill Woodland up for sale. They have received and accepted an offer and will keep the Parish Council informed of the situation. Noted.

Blackdown Hills AONB The Transition Group have been awarded some funds for developing apple activities in the Blackdown Hills and part of the funds are to purchase apple trees to be planted as Community Tress in the Blackdown Hills. They offer an apple tree to the Parish to be planted for the benefit of the community, 25 trees are available and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. After discussion agreed to apply for a tree with the request of a Crimson Victoria variety if possible as this seems to be native to the Parish of Shute.

Wildscapes – Shute Churchyard Patricia Farrell sent a report for the conservation management of Shute Churchyard and asks the Parish Council for feedback (report attached to the minutes). After discussion it was agreed to support the scheme providing the Church agrees and a sign is erected to inform the public of the actions being taken. The Clerk to look further into this matter.

EDDC Leisure East Devon Lottie Young has arranged funding to provide a free legs, bums and tums class at Umborne commencing on 15th January for 8 weeks and other activities at Shute Primary School. Posters were distributed to advertise the class.


The Clerk read out e-mails received since the last meeting

(a) from Richard Brown, Neighbourhood Highway Officer:-

Thank you for your email and photographs. Just to update you, following the storms myself and crews from SWH have been out scouting the network within Shute and other Parishes to identify problems caused by the weather. The jobs identified are now being attended to but please be aware there is a very long list and with resources being tight a certain amount of prioritisation has had to take place, with affected areas on the higher speed strategic network being repaired first. This may mean that badly damaged roads on the lower classification network are not repaired until some time into the new year.

With regard to the badly damaged roads around Umborne and Easy Bridge, these roads have been identified as requiring some substantial reconstruction and drainage work to bring them back up to an acceptable standard. At this moment in time I am unable to comment on when the job will be completed, all I can advise is that we aim to get as much of the storm recovery works completed before the middle of January and I would hope that once the strategic network is under control, this site would feature high on the list of priorities.

I will also check that the other locations you have raised feature on the list of jobs to be attended to but again your ongoing patience is appreciated as these may not be completed very quickly. Unfortunately I am generally unable to attend any meetings held after working hours but if you let me know what information you require nearer the time I will endeavour to update you as best I can. I hope this information is useful.

(b) Sent to Mr Brown from Cllr Wood

Good morning – just to keep you up to date with progress in Umborne and to seek your approval.  Cllr. John Pearce as you know cleared the culvert at Umborne Hall before Christmas and it is working OK although it could not cope with the deluge on the 31st.

After Christmas he came with his mini digger and we managed to unblock the culvert at Dyers Green – and that is working well now although we will need a bigger digger of yours to clear the build up of stones to the north.

After that, he went down to Easy Bridge and with the landowners permission, dug out the ditch from Coxleys Lane to the Umborne Brook and water on the north-east side of the road now drains away. The other side of the road is still blocked – if we have time, we will try and fine the culvert there and dig it clear. As you can see there are people who are prepared to help out when necessary. I hope this will encourage others to look at us favourably when necessary jobs are allocated!

(c) From Mr Brown to Cllr wood

That is extremely helpful in the current circumstances, especially the liaison with local landowners and the co-ordination to conduct necessary works on private land, which will aid work on the highway. I will be liaising with the work programmers in the next day or so to see if they can get the machinery to finish the debris clearance and clear the remaining ditch at Easy Bridge. These were noted and Cllr Pearce was thanked for the actions he has taken.

The Chairman reported approximately three weeks ago he together with Cllr Wood, C Cllr A Moulding met with the Highway Officer and toured the parish to identify all the problems within the parish. It is hoped there will be some pro-action in the repairing of damaged roads. There was 3 tons of stones removed from the bottom of Blind Lane the day after the meeting.

The Chairman reported Blind Lane is in a terrible state but the problems start in the parish of Colyton and asked if a meeting could be arranged with Colyton Parish Council to look into the problem. This was agreed and the Clerk to write a letter.

Other matters for the Clerk to report to DCC were:-

Request for marker posts at Easy Bridge to show where the tarmac ends and ditch begins. Noted this problem is being caused by large milk tankers travelling to Logshayne Farm. Cllr Pearce to contact the farmer regarding this matter.

Marker posts damaged at Seaton Junction, potholes at Haddon Road, potholes along the road from Whitford to Colyton and Haddon Lane.

It was agreed to place in the parish Magazine details for the public to report pothioles and to thank them for any assistance they can or have given in reporting matters or unblocking ditches etc.


Following the Parish Plan Actions Committee meeting Cllr Wood asked if the police could be contacted regarding the monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through Shute with the request for a solar flashing sign and speed cameras. The Clerk to investigate the matter. Cllr wood also reported the parking at Shute School is being looked into.

Cllr W Marshall entered the room.


Planning Applications

Cllrs Miltenburg, Orsman & Woods attended a site meeting at Worhams Lane on December 3rd 2012 to discuss the above application for a large barn.  Cllr Rugg was present but declared an interest and took no part in any discussions, Cllr Loud declared an interested and did not attend.

The application was not supported.

It was thought that the location of the proposed building with its ridge height being over 7.5m and roof colouring placed on what is a prominent spur of land would be very detrimental to the landscape in 2 AONB’s. The site can be viewed from the surrounding hills in all directions for several miles in all directions.  The buildings height would dominate the immediate area and the roof colouration would reflect sunlight increasing its prominence in the wider landscape. It was felt that a less prominent location would be more suitable

The Clerk has been notified amended plans are to be expected. Agreed these to be passed onto Cllr Carol Miltenburg in order comments can be returned.

13/0065/FUL & 13/0067/LBC. Greenhayes Cottage, Whitford. Alterations and extensions (to include new porch, extended conservatory and internal alterations). The Clerk to pass details onto Cllr Loud, Orsman and Marshall for comments.

Planning Deceisions – Grant of Conditinal Planning Permission

12/1831/FUL Woodend Farm, Shute. Agricultural building to cover open cow yard. Condition: The site shall be drained on a separate system of foul and surface water drainage with all clean roof and surface water being kept separate from foul drainage.


Copies of letters sent to Mr M Hiscox relating to land opposite Shute Garage have been received. They state planning permission for the development of the barn/storage building and the storage of a caravan requires planning permission and therefore must be removed or retrospective planning permission applied for within the next 28 days. Noted.

Following the question of part of the building at Sumaria Boatyard being used for residential Mr D Cocker, Planning Enforcement Officer replied:-

The residential aspect of the building was investigated and the case was closed due to the fact that it had been in “use” for more than four years (a total of seven was proved in the case)which prevents any Enforcement action being used to remove the resident.

With regard to the “106 money” this is not my department and again I cannot Enforce 106 issues. With regard to the Council Tax implications. The property has been banded as “D”, I am unsure what other implications you refer to. I have today been to the site and I have seen the parking of these cars. Unfortunately there is nothing I or the police or Devon County Highways can do as they are legally parked. In my view the site is not untidy, it just matches the look of its intended “use” which is garages and their forecourts and a breakers yard.

A reply was returned:-

The Parish Council cannot understand the case has been closed when the Parish Council has questioned the residential use for some time.  In fact the District Council asked for the Parish Council to provide proof as it was claimed there was no residential use only accommodation for a security person and NOT residential.
Please can you look further into this matter as it is felt at least a retrospective planning application should be submitted in order to put this matter correct.

A reply was received:-
I cannot look into the matter anymore as enforcement action cannot be actioned because of the time restraints. We cannot make the owners apply retrospectively.

After discussion it was agreed the Parish Council are totally dissatisfied with the lack of action taken and after research made by the Clerk for a reply to be sent together with facts stating action must be taken before a precedent is made.


Cheques to be paid

Scott Rowe, solicitors – storage of Deed £8.33 plus Vat £1.67 £10.00

Mrs M Thomas, clerk’s salary Oct- Dec £415.99 + int/tel £30.00

(3 months @ £10) + Postage £6.00 + ink, paper & envelopes £40.66 £492.65

HMRC – PAYE for Mrs. Thomas £104.00

Arthur Hitchcock Trust – 50% of Annual Insurance £140.48

Payment proposed by Cllr R Orsman, seconded by Cllr R Wood and agreed.


The Clerk circulated a budget which included figures from the past 2 years and explained these figures included grant and money raised for the Jubilee Celebrations and therefore did not show a true reflection on the receipts and purchases but the monies carried forward can be seen. (Copy attached to the minutes).

After discussion it was proposed by Cllr R Wood and seconded by Cllr J Pearce to increase the Precept by £100.00 to £4,100 for the year 3013/2014. Agreed unanimously.


The Chairman asked if the Clerk had received any communications regarding complaints of empty houses within the parish that could be used. As nothing has been received agreed a letter to be written to East Devon District Council asking if action could be taken.

Cllr Orsman reported at Whitford a burglar entered a household whilst a lady was present, although police were called nobody was found but parishioners should be aware there are opportunists in the area.

It was also reported and noted a car was stolen at Dalwood. The van stolen from Seaton Junction has been found and returned.


The next Parish Council meeting to take place on 21st February 2013 at Umborne Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.05pm