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[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on Umborne Hall – Minutes of AGM January 2012 | 94 views]

24th January 2012
1 Your Trustees:
Rob Summers (Chairman), Paul Galloway (Hon Treasurer), Ted Townsend (Hon Secretary), Eleanor Wood, Peter Rugg, Liz Gosling, Sue Gush, Paul Forster, Neville Cheeseman, and Janet Coman attended the meeting.
Kimmo Evans sent his apologies, due to illness.
In Attendance
Teresa Wilmington-Wills, John Pearce, Andy Bowman, Rick Wood, Antonia Cheeseman, John Buse, and Carolyn Selley were in attendance
Apologies were received from Cherryl and Michael Wingham, and Gilly and Peter Lee-Cox.
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Secretary apologised for omitting to bring a copy of the minutes from …

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[7 Feb 2013 | Comments Off on January 2013 Weather Report | 39 views]

January 2013 continued the trend of the previous month
to be less mild and considerably wetter than its counterpart a year ago.
The month contained four definable weather patterns.
From 1st to 10th, mild, cloudy and fairly dry. From 11th to 15th,
bright, unsettled and colder. From 16th to 25th, cold, with regular
frosts and two snowfalls. 26th to 31st, mild and wet.
Temperatures, taken overall, were not particularly
extreme, although the highest reading of 0.0C on the 20th occurring
under overcast conditions with an easterly wind, was the lowest daytime
maximum since …