New Year’s Eve party

Hope you all enjoyed our first New Year’s Eve party at Umborne Hall on Monday (31st) evening.

(photos can be enlarged by left clicking on them)

There were about 70 of us including about 15 children, most of whom were very well behaved! The evening started with some enjoyable party games for the children and a few childish adults!

A variety of curries with rice and naan breads were served at about 9pm – our thanks to all those who cooked such delicious dishes –

– and then it was over to Rob our DJ for the night – a huge thank you to him for working so hard till 2am with his excellent music.

Some steady:

Not Strictly Come Dancing:

Gangnam Style by Paddy:

Oops upside your head:

Midnight soon came and we were treated to Neville and Rodney’s fireworks and then carried on dancing well as close as we could get to dancing at that time of night! Despite the very heavy morning rain, we were not affected by floods on our roads. For that we can all be grateful to John Pearce who recently has cleared culverts at the Hall, Dyers Green and dug a drainage ditch near Easy Bridge with his mini digger – well done John. Next time you see him in a pub or at a hall event, please buy him a drink!

We received numerous emails thanking us for putting on this event – and with such positive encouragement, I am sure we will do the same next year, but limit the ticket sales to 70.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to wear or carry something bought at a charity shop – some even still had the price tags on them.

It seems like the sum of £235 will be sent to Cancer Research on your behalf.  Well done and thank you. Happy New Year.