Children’s Christmas Party at Umborne Hall

On 8th December the Umborne Hall filled with children from the Valley for the children’s Christmas party. 36 attended and all had a lot of fun.
Musical chairs began the event again – both games ending with a battle between Ella Magrane and Matthew Batten. Both were the proud winners of a game each. A few games of Pictionary had everyone guessing the various scribbles on the paper with some amazing correct guesses from just a few lines drawn.
Paddy was desperate to play so became a child briefly to play! Despite his enthusiasm, his team failed to win the first game! A balloon popping game was next which became quite competitive. Andy & Paddy stood at each end of the hall with needles ready to pop any balloons that came their way. Poor Paddy was so excited that he forgot to count properly but I don’t think any of the children noticed!! It never ceases to amaze the fantastic spread of food brought by the parents. Again it all disappeared very quickly.
Debbie Brown made the beautiful chocolate Christmas cake, which we all took home to enjoy.
After the brief food stop, a quick game of sleeping lions to settle the children was played. However the children are all so good at this now (it’s amazing how still they can be!), we had to abandon it – everyone a winner! Now nicely quiet, the excited children patiently awaited Santa. In he strode to the sparkly grotto with gifts for all helped by the elves Jess Fuzzard and Mattie Austin. We think he must have just been to Wales as his accent was …..well Welsh!! (not that the children took any notice!) The magic was over all too quickly but Santa left leaving many happy and thrilled children. Thank you Santa for popping in on your busy schedule. Next year we may see Santa arrive in a very magical way….
A big thank you Angela Pearce & Chris Dommett who know what they did and to the set up and clear up team and to Rob as always for sorting out the music and lights system and the grotto construction. Thanks to Paddy yet again for his fantastic DJ-ing and helping with the games along with Jan, Ali, Andy & Ruhi; Di for her beautiful face painting,
Jess Fuzzard for helping with everything, and all the other older girls for helping with the food and all the parents who helped out on the night – another great team effort! Many thanks too to Matt Porter for sifting through the rubbish, recycling it & taking it all away!

Merry Christmas to you all    Ann Shepherd