Jubilee Wedding Dress Display Shute Church

WEDDING DRESS DISPLAY AT SHUTE CHURCH to fund THE JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS. written, with thanks, by Denise Loud of Whitford. Photographs courtesy of Christine Bonny, David Vickers and Paul Douglas Jones. Left click once on photos to enlarge them, and a second time to enlarge them even more.

On the weekend of 10th and 11th March 2012,  Shute Church was beautifully decorated with a display of wedding dresses loaned by parishioners from Shute, Hampton,.Whitford ,Umborne and Seaton Junction .

This was organised by a small committee led by Ella Sweetland.

There were 42 Wedding Dresses,  9 Bridesmaid dresses,  2 grooms,  19 Christening gowns,  2 cardigans,  14 hats and 4 pairs of shoes. Flowers were provided by “ Just Flowers”,   “ Busy Bee” and Elizabeth Gosling.

The oldest dress on display was a purple dress worn in 1871 by Sarah Payne,  a great grand mother of Winnie Samson  –  marrying Robert Burroughs:

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Helena Sansom (nee Rayleen) of Seaton Junction & Andrew Gibbons 1999:

Linda James of Whitford 1975:

Wendy Quick of Whitford & Keith Mitcham:

Johanna Alford of Whitford 2008:

Catherine Moss and Richard Seward:

Peggy Mitcham (nee Diamond):

Mary Bird & Christopher Thomas 1980:

Stood at the altar was the uniform and wedding dress worn by Peter and Gwenda Easton on 14th April 1952 in St Andrews Cathedral, Singapore. This is also their Diamond anniversary year

Alison Bowditch:

Lucy Ingram (nee Whittaker) 2010:

Further down the Church was Stephanie Gardner and her sister’s dresses. Stephanie had her dress made to enable her to ring the bells herself on her wedding day.

There were many families represented: Christine Samson displayed her  Mother’s,  her own, her daughter’s and a christening gown worn by the grand children.  Rita Gillingham displayed her gown, her daughter’s and her christening gown

Other family groups were:  Linda James and daughter Joanna.  Mary Thomas and daughter Vicki.  Cora Stoodley and daughter Jennifer.  Wendy Mitcham, Mrs Davis’  daughter Greta Gardner 1975:

Denise Loud (nee Davis) & Derek 1969:

Mrs Davis’ daughter Denise who wore her mother’s dress with a lace coat.

Brenda Soldan 1988:

Cora Stoodley:

Jane & Ned Sansom of Seaton Junction 1987:

Karen Fuzzard:

Kate McCollum 2006:

Pam Roberts of Chaselands, Shute:

Ann Shepherd:

There were many other beautiful dresses, with a variety of styles, and we thank every one for their loan for the display

Christening robes including centre Christine Bonny:

Two of the christening robes we were told were over 100 years old, loaned by Doreen Moss and Peter Rugg .Thank you to all for  loaning these robes.

Several hundred people viewed the exhibition and a total of £930 was raised,      of which £212.95 was made on refreshments served in aid of the church.

Thank you to all the helpers and we would like to thank the suppliers of shop display dummies and support from SAK Logistics,  Pam’s second hand shop,  Labels for less,  Hospice shop,  RSPCA charity shop, Colyton Grammar School, Swiss net factory Tatworth, Elizabeth Thurgood, Axminster Museum,  Axminster Guildhall,  Douglas Hull,  Kilmington Church, Seaton League of Friends and Seaton Red Cross.