Children’s Christmas Party 2011

Despite this year having clashes with lots of other events, we still had 33
children attending. Once Paddy Magrane found the right cable (bless him),
musical chairs kicked off the party with young Maeve Wright winning with a
teeny bit of help from Jess Fuzzard.

The second round was a well deservedwin by Jamie Porter, this being his first visit to the hall. Pictionary proved to be very competitive again with some excellent deciphering of the
children’s artwork. A little bit of cheating¬† from Di’s team by starting before everyone else secured their win….although they did briefly wait for us to catch up! Animal families raised the noise level but was great fun to watch….and hopefully play. Di jumped at the chance to make up the numbers.

Another wonderful spread covered the tables made by all the parents and was
soon demolished by all the children with a little help from the adults.

Another scrumptious chocolate Christmas cake made by Debbie Brown was
wrapped ready for the children to take home too.

Sleeping lions calmed the children although I think Tia Bowman has a bit to learn about the
game…what a fidget she was!

This moderately quiet time ended abruptly with the knowledge that Santa had arrived.

Santa had a grotto this year – a tastefully (well ok, tacky but very magical and sparkly) decorated caravan on loan from Shute School or more precisely Karen Bostock who very kindly let us redecorate it.

Music was turned up for the children to have a dance,
although most children were so excited they just wanted to queue up and wait
for Santa’s little helpers to call them into the grotto. And then it was all
over with Santa leaving a lot of happy children again.
A big thank you to the set up and clear up team and to Rob sorting out the
music and lights system (and his hard work on the grotto construction which
we didn’t actually use!). Thanks to Paddy for his fantastic DJing,¬† Nim
Booth for her very artistic face painting:

Di & Andy for helping with the games, Jess Fuzzard for helping with everything, the other older girls for chaperoning the children to Santa and all those we commandeered to help out on the night – a great team effort!

Special thanks to Di, Paddy & CarolMiltenburg for cleaning out the grotto….what a job! Also thank you to PCC Shute for continuing to support us with a generous donation.

Photos courtesy of AnnShepherd, Ruhi Bowman & Eleanor Wood

Merry Christmas to you all

Ann Shepherd