Umborne Hall – Trustees meeting – 24.8.11


At Village Hall

Wednesday 24th August 2011 at 8.00


Attendees: Rob Summers, Paul Galloway, Ted Townsend, Liz Gosling, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Paul Forster, Eleanor Wood

Apologies: Kimmo Evans, Peter Rugg, Jan Coman


  • Draft minutes of the meeting on 6th July 2011 were approved – released to website
  • Outstanding amendment to AGM minutes is still outstanding

Matters Arising:





  • Hall bookings are now accessible by trustees via a shared calendar on Google +

This allows trustees to see if the hall is free.

  • If approached for a booking or wishing to make one, a booking request can be entered by any trustee into the calendar. But the booking is not firm until Rosemary (or her nominated substitute) has completed the financial arrangements and associated booking documentation.

  • Viewing access to the bookings calendar has also been given to Jo Dartnell, the new cleaner, so she can see when bookings might clash with her visits. She can be contacted at

Sub-Committee reports:

  • Treasurer

Income since the last meeting is Axe Valley Runners £141.25 and other £35.00

There were no outgoings

  • Hall Building Project
  • There has been no progress with the last few outstanding tasks.

  • It was agreed that the draft plans for further extension of the hall will be put to the AGM next January, together with an operating budget and funding plan, to indicate the realities of spending further money (the outline cost if a further £25,000).

  • In the meantime we will complete outstanding tasks and at the AGM action the repayment of the rest of the bonds. Stage 1 will then be complete, and paid for before any action to pursue a possible stage 2.

  • In the meantime, Paul Forster will submit plans for planning permission

Action Paul Forster

  • Jan Coman and Kimmo Evans will research grant funding possibilities

Action Jan Coman, Kimmo Evans

New Hall Management and Maintenance

  • Cleaning – Jo Dartnell appointed and has started work
  • Maintenance – we need to paint the outside of the hall before Christmas – 17th / 18th September selected for a working party
  • Storage – see above (Hall Building Project)

Entertainment and Fundraising:

  • The Cider Festival was pronounced a success by those that could remember it and a definite success by those that couldn’t
  • Duck Dash is the next event, on Sunday 4th September
  • Harvest Supper will be on 22nd October
  • Eleanor suggested a hall event for New Years Eve
    • theme Around the World.
    • disco to be provided by Rob ‘Hot Knobs’ Summers.

    • Fireworks were also proposed, (it will not be a children’s event)

Any Other Business:


Next Meeting:

Tuesday 18th October at 7.30 at Eleanor’s