P for Party Photos

The P for Party Theme night took place in the Hall on Saturday 19th March and was attended by 67 people. The sum of £700 was raised for the hall funds, £33 of which was sent off to Red Nose Day. Many thanks to all who cooked soups- sorry Potage and Puddings. The sum of £165 was made on the raffle (thanks to Tony and Antonia) and the Picture Quiz and the Letter game were tackled with great enthusiasm. Most people dressed up as something beginning with the letter P – see if you can work them all out!

To help you on your way, the first photo is Punk and Painter:

We were impressed by his honesty!

We should enter the next one for the Caption Competition – suggestions emailed  to me please !

What puppies?

Pretty in Pink:

Ploughmans – or should that be Ploughmen?

Photos courtesy of the Gushes.

Rick & Eleanor Wood