January Weather Report

It was almost as if January sulked this year. With its
reputation of being The Winter Month, it seemed jealous of December’s
upstart behaviour!  The result being that it was dull, and apparently
cold and miserable. But actually, it was the least cold January since 2008.

I will not say mild, because the average temperature of just under 4.5
is probably below average. This result was undoubtedly pulled up by the very mild spell in the second week of the month. On the 14th. a maximum temperature of 13.7C was recorded, and the night of 12-13th. with a minimum of 11.4C was equal highest with the reading on the 20th. January 2008. As soon as the weather did turn sunnier, down went the overnight temperatures, with -7.9C recorded on the morning of the 31st.

Recordable rain fell on 15 days – one more than last, but this fell in the
first 17days, bar one small fall on the 25th. At 86.8mm. this is just
about the same as last year’s total for the month, and probably about
what we should expect in an average January. There were 15 air frosts,
the same as 2009, but 5 less than last year, when the average
temperature was about 2.2 deg.C. lower.

Peter,  Pottlelake