Umborne Trustees Meeting 15.12.10


At Little Yardbury

Wednesday 15th December 2010 at 7.30pm


1. Attendees

Rob Summers (Chair) Paul Galloway (Hon Treasurer) Ted Townsend (Hon Secretary), Eleanor Wood, Kimmo Evans, Liz Gosling, Sue Gush, Paul Forster, Neville Cheeseman, Janet Coman.

2. Apologies: Peter Rugg

3. Minutes of the meeting on 14th October 2010

Were approved, signed and released to the website.

4. Matters Arising:


5. Correspondence:

  • Final cheque (for £83.00) received from EDDC

  • There is a possibility of further funding – this time from the Parish Council, once their budgets have been approved, in January

  • The Performing Rights Society have charged us £41.00 for an annual licence to play music

  • Insurance quote received at £1,142.00. Agreed to obtain other quotes. (Subsequently, a quote for £766.10 was received and accepted from Norris & Fisher)

6. Secretary:

  • Hall opening – readiness? Paul Forster confirmed that the building had been approved for use by the Building Inspector. His final certificate awaits only the safe installation of the cooker in the kitchen, which will require inspection. Rob is awaiting a missing part.
  • Hall booking procedures and charges for 2011 were approved and have since been issued.
  • The floor of the hall is not suitable for use as a skittle alley. If we make a de-mountable alley, it will require storage. The ideal solution is continuing use of a container. This will also allow storage of tables and chairs. The position re planning regulations needs confirmation. The present position is adjacent to the fire assembly point and not ideal.
  • Rosemary Hewson will continue to manage hall bookings.

7. Sub-Committee reports:

Finance and General Purposes:

  • Treasurers Report was presented and accepted. The cash balance at year end was £14,934.03 Against this, cheques for a further £1963.86 have been drawn for the hall project in the 2010/2011 financial year (included in the total below)
  • Hall Project Costs The total third party cost of the hall to date is £99,105.64. The project is not yet quite complete and further expenditure of £1,241.00 is expected. Project cost controls remain in place until final completion and Certification from the Building Inspector.

Entertainment and Fundraising:

  • Next events:
    • 8th Jan Twelfth Night
    • 25th Jan @7.45 AGM
    • Sun 13th March Grizzly (marshalling)
    • Sat 19th March @7.30 Theme Night (Theme is “P…”)
    • Wed 13th April @ 2.00pm Police X-country (marshalling)
    • Sat 11th June @6.00pm Umborne Ug – followed by BBQ

New Hall Development:

Building At the time of the meeting, the floor, kitchen cooker and curtains were the main outstanding items.

8. Any Other Business:

  • Agreed Keyholders:

    • [Master set] held by Rob Summers

    • Rob Summers

    • Rob Summers spare (yes that’s his third set – he should be able to find one of them)

    • Liz Gosling

    • Eleanor Wood

    • Rosemary Hewson

    • Suzette Sprague

Next Meeting:

  • Tuesday 25th January @7.15 (prior to the AGM)