January Parish Magazine Article

This should have appeared in the January edition of the Parish Magazine but the editor was having computer problems at the time, so apologies – Rick

Umborne Hall News First of all – a very happy New Year to you all from the Umborne and Shute Valley.   Ann Shepherd and Jan Coman sent this report on the Children’s Christmas Party held in the Hall on Saturday 4th December:

A momentary break in the icy weather meant the Umborne Children’s Christmas Party went ahead as planned. 43 excited children attended this year. A few rounds of ‘Musical chairs’ energised the children with at least one round having a younger child reign over the older boys supremacy this year. Onto the  ‘Pick & Cup’ team game finding out which children were well co-ordinated, not quite so co-ordinated and the blatant cheats! ‘Pictionary’ sought out the artists. It’s quite extraordinary how some pictures are deciphered correctly. ‘Animal Families’ raised the noise level – anyone passing outside would think we had real animals in the hall. Fun was had by all including Jan who was roped in to make up the numbers – well, she’s quite small so fits in quite nicely! A fantastic tea was laid on by all the parents with all sorts of scrumptious goodies topped by another wonderful Christmas cake lovingly made by Debbie Brown for the children to take away. Then children sat in great anticipation……the lights dimmed, the jingles were heard and who should arrive but Santa and his sacks full of goodies! There was silence as Santa strode in and spoke his magical words. Santa’s little helpers, Amalia & Beverley, kept pulling from Santa’s sack until all the children were delightfully in receipt of a gift. Santa left with a few more magical words ‘make sure you’re good boys & girls before Christmas…’. Let’s hope they are!

A big thank you to the set up and clear up team particularly to Rob & George for the excellent grotto frame which helped set the scene very well. Thanks to all who loaned their Christmas decorations to make a magical sparkly Christmassy hall and to Paddy for DJing, Di & Nim for face painting and all those we commandeered to help out on the night – a great team effort! Also thank you to PCC Shute for continuing to support us with a generous donation. And she’s too polite to say but a huge thank you to Ann who organised the whole thing wonderfully!

Ann Shepherd & Jan Coman.

There are a few photos of the event on the website www.umborne.org

Our next event in the Hall is the 12th Night Supper to be held there on Saturday 8th January at 7.30pm. For this social gathering, all you need to do is turn up with a plate of finger food (savoury or sweet) for all to share, and some money in your pocket to buy drinks at the bar and raffle tickets from the very persuasive Tony.  Entertainment is provided by Liz’s infamous Picture Quiz, the Year gone by table quiz and who knows what else. We look forward to seeing you all there, trudging through the thick snow to the hall !

The Hall AGM will be held this year on Tuesday 25th January at 7.45pm in the hall. For those of you who have not managed to see the almost finshed hall yet, this is an ideal opportunity. You can hear about the progress, future plans, accounts and many other interesting things. As if this was not enough, there will be free cheese and wine for us all to enjoy.

Other future events could include a Salsa night of fun and dancing, a Theme Night and a Children’s Entertainment evening. In addition, those amazing marshalling volunteers might like to add the date of next year’s Grizzly Run in their diaries – it is Sunday 13th March 2011.