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Hall Bookings and Conditions of Hire 2015

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Umborne Hall Available for Hire
Don’t forget that our lovely Umborne Hall is available for private hire – an ideal venue for parties, weddings, family gatherings, meetings, children’s parties etc. with the most amazing 360 degrees of countryside views, parking, stream-side setting and great indoor facilities.

Please contact our bookings secretary Mrs Sheila Townsend (07818 662402) to check availability, to make bookings or for further enquiries about hiring the Hall.


Charges and Conditions of Hire 2015

1. Hirers of the hall for any event are responsible for ensuring that there is no damage to the building or furniture and no misuse of the facilities. Any such damage or misuse determined by the trustees will be charged to the hirer. The hall should be left in a similar condition, and state of cleanliness as it was found prior to the start of the hire session


2.All fees to be paid by the hirers must be paid in advance or upon demand as agreed by the trustees

3. A hirer requiring that furniture or other items be removed from the hall and transported to another place, is responsible for their return in a clean and usable state. Any shortage or damage must be notified to the bookings secretary or secretary upon return so that agreement may be reached on what charges are due.

4. The mains water supply situated in the kitchen must be switched on before any hiring commences, and off when securing the premises afterwards.

5.  The mains electricity control panel is situated in the entrance lobby (outside the toilets). There is a pay-as-you-use meter accessed by £1 coins for the use of the heaters only.

6. All refuse and general food waste must be bagged and removed from the premises after every event.

7.  No liquids or other material may be deposited in the fresh water stream running immediately behind the hall

8. Hirers may use the car parks entirely at their own risk. The trustees accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle or their contents

9. The trustees do not accept any liability for any personal injury to any person attending an event

10. The trustees do not accept liability for any loss or damage to any personal property of the hirers or their guests attending events

11 If alcohol is to be offered for sale during the hire of the hall then a licence will be required. This is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange and pay for. These licences need to be applied for in advance from East Devon District Council – details are included on their website.

Two copies of these conditions will be provided to hirers, one of which must be signed by the hirer and returned to the bookings secretary or secretary, signifying acceptance of all conditions stated therein

Acceptance of the conditions of hire

Signed     (hirer)                                                                              Signed     (trustee)

Name (to be printed)                                                                  Organisation



Before hiring, a copy of the Conditions of Hire (above) must be obtained from the bookings secretary or secretary and signed and returned with the correct fee.

A deposit (returnable upon satisfactory return of all hired items) will be required where hired items are to be removed to another place for whatever use has been agreed. Cheques must be made payable to ‘The Umborne Institute’. Deposits are set out below

In the event of damage to the hall premises or breakage or loss of hired items, the cost of replacement or repair will be fully met by the hirer. The hall must be vacated and secured no later than 2300 hours unless otherwise agreed. (Requests for later hire for specific events will be considered on an individual basis, but will need to be agreed by the Trustees prior to booking).

Charges (from 1/06/2015)

For the use of hall, car park and all facilities including the kitchen

Hourly (per hour, less than   half day)

Half Day

Full Day






*Any party which involves prior setting up and clearing away afterward, regardless of the length of the party itself.

For the use of the car park only




The cost of electric lighting is included in the hire charge. For heating and power, put £1 coins in the meter.

The hirer is responsible for all necessary insurance covering events at the hall. The trustees cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or harm to persons or to the property of those attending an event.

Reduced rates are negotiable for regular users of the hall. Guideline: (6 or more consecutive bookings) 10% discount on the above rates.

Off-site Hire Charges (per 24 hours) These items are available only to people living within the hall’s area of benefit. The hirer must arrange his or her own carriage to and from the hall for any hired items.

Tables £5 each                     Padded chairs £2 each.                   These items are for use indoors only

A deposit of £100 will be required.

Wine glasses £15        Cutlery, cups and saucers, plates and bowls, all £10

A deposit of £50 will be required.



Bookings Secretary

Sheila Townsend  Patches Cottage, Shute, Axminster  EX13  7QJ   Tel : 07818 662402


Secretary to Umborne Hall Trustees: Mrs Lorna Ockenden, The Oaks, Lodge Lane, Shute, Axminster EX13 7QP   Tel 01297 553424

Treasurer: Mrs Carolyn Selley, Tritchmarsh Farm, Watery Lane, Colyton, EX24 6SP   Tel 01297 552569