November Weather Report

Weather report for November and Autumn 2010.

Thanks to Ann who kept the weather station running whilst
we were away at the beginning of the month. Whenever we do go away, something unusual  seems to happen, weatherwise, and this year it was the record breaking warmth at the beginning of the month, with a September-like reading of 19C on the 6th. This figure was the culmination of a week of mild temperatures.

The end of the month however more than compensated for that, with the 28th. remaining sub zero all day. We do not get this sort of behaviour normally, because after a cold night, the sun usually lifts the temperature quite well where my screen is. I had to go back to early February 2006 to find a comparable day!

So November was a big transition month this year, with ground
temperature 30cm down falling 8 degrees in the 24 days from the 6th. to the 30th. This was very different to  frost free, wet November 2009, when the mean temperature was well over 3C higher than this year, and the rainfall more than double this year’s total of 89.5mm.

Autumn 2010 as a whole was also much colder than last
year. A mean temperature of 10.4 against 12.14.    14 air frosts, compared to just one, with a minimum temperature of -5.7, as opposed to -0.3. A plus was that the rainfall total was 267mm, some 50+ mm less than 2009, with 42 raindays compared to 48 last year.

Peter, Pottlelake