Children’s Christmas Party

The Christmas Party for all the children of the local area, is held in the hall in early December. This year, 2010,  the date is December 4th from 3 to 5 pm.

This party event was started about 10 years ago by Sheila, Gill and Angela and in the early days there were about 20 children having fun and games in the hall. As numbers of young families with children has increased in the valley, so have numbers of children at the party, reaching well into the forties now. Mrs Sprague kindly made a grand Christmas cake and last year, 2009,  Debbie Brown took over this role and produced a delicious cake. A  very special guest in a red  and white costume makes a most welcome appearance in his grotto giving out presents to the children. Games are played and much scrumptious food is eaten. Ann and Jan have now taken over this event which is by invitation only. Invitations are sent out in November. If you do not receive one, and live in the Umborne / Shute area, please contact Ann Shepherd  ( .