Latest Hall News (Sept.1st)

 Hall news update from Rob:

Since the last report on Aug 16th, two things have outwardly changed the appearance of the new hall & its surroundings ; firstly the grass seed sown on the banks of the stream & the bank around the car park have germinated with the rain,  to colour up these areas nicely. We may in the future add something more decorative to the stream banks but we expect some unwanted species to germinate both now & next spring which we can exterminate without losing the grass cover. Any more delicate planting would also be sacrificed at this stage so this will have to wait, secondly, the outside cladding of the hall has been treated with a fire retardant as required by Building Control. Allthough not meant to have a colouring effect it seems to have turned the wood a darker shade of brown than anticipated. We have therefore decided to postpone treating the outside with the UV (ultra violet) protective stain as this would make the colour change even darker which is not what we wish to achieve. If the sun bleaches the colour out again we can then treat the wood at that point.
Inside the hall progress has been slow but steady. Most of the decoration has been completed so thanks to everyone who has wielded a brush,roller, scraper or cloth especially those who have ventured up on the scaffolding to cut in around the main beam. The electrician (singular) is ploughing a lone furrow with the electrics but i can report that the mains supply has been connected into the hall so no more extention leads from the meter box are now needed.
My comment about slow progress refers to the fact that during the school holidays a lot of tradesmen are employed in repair,renovation or maintenance of schools & consequently unavailable for other work. That is why we only have one electrician & have been unable to get the kitchen & toilet floors laid. I have however been promised that the floors will be laid from Monday 6th which will mean plumbers can then move in.
We have managed to purchase some good quality stainless steel kitchen furniture from the auction of equipment at Manor House School. This should comply with environmental health regulations so that food can be prepared as well as served on site in the new hall. We still have to acquire a sink unit which we hope we can source at an auction next week.
We have now concluded some stern negotiations regarding the last piece of decking to include a ramp for less able persons. Don’t all builders try to take the mickey some times ! When this is completed we can then make good all the tarmac around the building & out across the bridge.
Now the appeal for help where you all make your excuses & run – I need some help with the fencing around the site. This involves digging holes, lots of them. The grass in the field is too long to use a digger so we will have to do it by hand. Its not as bad as it may sound if a few people turn up & take it in turn. Lets start on Wednesday evening 8th from 6.00pm & see how it goes, i have three sets of hole diggers.
Finally can I apologise for being a right grumpy so & so for a week or so a while back. A combination of man flu, un-summerlike weather & frustration at not getting enough done turned me –  hopefully I am now back to being just an ordinary grumpy so & so as normal !

PS The opening of the Hall is getting closer, thats all I know !!