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[8 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Local photos | 1,016 views]
Local photos

This page is devoted to the photographs which local people have taken of local sights and views. Left click on each one to enlarge. We would welcome contributions from all and sundry. Email your best ones to rickandeleanor@tiscali.co.uk
These were taken by Claire Bird:

These by Sue & Rodney Gush:

and these by David Vickers:

Rick does his best with limited talent!!

These by Helene Buse:

Rick Wood

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[6 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Latest Hall News (Sept.1st) | 470 views]
Latest Hall News (Sept.1st)

 Hall news update from Rob:
Since the last report on Aug 16th, two things have outwardly changed the appearance of the new hall & its surroundings ; firstly the grass seed sown on the banks of the stream & the bank around the car park have germinated with the rain,  to colour up these areas nicely. We may in the future add something more decorative to the stream banks but we expect some unwanted species to germinate both now & next spring which we can exterminate without losing the grass cover. …

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[1 Sep 2010 | Comments Off on Umborne Trustees – minutes of 18.8.10 meeting | 500 views]
Umborne Trustees – minutes of 18.8.10 meeting

Meeting at new Umborne Community Hall
Wednesday, 18 Aug, 2010, at 8pm
 Attendees by Rob Summers (chairman), Paul Galloway (treasurer), Peter Rugg, Kimmo Evans (minutes), Liz Gosling, Paul Forster, Sue Gush, Janet Coman, Ted Townsend, Neville Cheeseman
 Apologies: Eleanor Wood
 Minutes of the meeting on 21 July were approved and signed subject to amend- SG changed to JC.
 Matters Arising: JC awaiting response from Pole-Carew Trust. PG confirmed Insurers would offer no extra discount for fireproofing and that we were expected to undertake all reasonable measures to remove fire risk. …