Duck Dash 2010

This event takes place in early September either on the Umborne Brook near Easy Bridge or as in the last two years at the home of Ann Shepherd (Pottlelake Cottage) about 200 metres from the hall in Umborne. There is a BBQ, Bar, raffle and of course the little yellow ducks which enter the many duck races. We also have a home made mini raft race which can feature ingenious creations or just a plastic bottle if you are very lazy.

The weather can be very unpleasant at times! – but we still go ahead! This was 2001:

In 2003 on the Umborne Brook at Easy Bridge:

But it can also be sunny and lots of fun – and of course it raises money for the village hall – this year, 2010, it looks like we raised nearly £300!!

This year the event was at Pottlelake on Sunday 5th September and the weather was very kind to us. Everyone seemd to enjoy the ducks:

the barbecue:

the drinks:

and of course the Raffle:

There were some amazing rafts:

Thanks to all who helped:

and especially Ann Shepherd, with the support of family and friends, who kindly allowed us to use her garden, stream and facilties for this event:

Well done to all who attended, especially the children and had lots of fun:

Rick Wood