Shute Parish Plan Questionnaire – general information


What is the questionnaire for?

Shute Parish is currently putting together a Parish Plan.

This document reviews past issues and progress made, looks at current concerns, facilities and activities in Shute Parish and also presents an action plan towards a preferred future for the community. In order for us to achieve this, we need to collect up to date and accurate information on conditions, views and lifestyles in the area. The questions are specific to our Parish and there is plenty of space to add comments if there is anything you wish to add which is not covered.


Who is organising it?

The Plan is being developed by a group of Parish volunteers who represent the local community of Shute, Whitford, Seaton Junction, Umborne and Hampton. A public launch meeting was held early in 2009 and since then the steering group have been developing the questionnaire based on what was discovered from the people at that meeting and also other questionnaires throughout the County.


What happens next?

Now the questionnaires have been returned, the information will be analysed and the results presented in the form of our Shute Parish Plan.


Who will listen?

It is important to prepare an action plan from the results and to make sure that the Parish, District and County Councils are all aware of the community’s wishes. Early approaches to relevant bodies can often open up discussions on local plans and policies and may even produce funding for local projects. The Parish Plan can be a powerful lobbying tool with Councils and other organisations – it has even been known for an inspector at a planning inquiry to ask to see the results of the Parish Plan before making a decision.



The questionnaire was completely anonymous- you did not need to put your name or address on it. However if you would like to volunteer for something or you simply want more information about the Plan, you should have filled in your details at the end of the form.