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Winter Newsletter 2019: Legacy to Landscape – a three year project involving the community and celebrating a hidden area of landscape based upon an historic 1781 map of the Shute Estate. Our aim is to reveal the rich heritage of this hidden landscape that remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

The 1781 Estate Map:

We have commissioned a high-quality scan of the original estate map upon which the project has focussed.  The map drawn in 1781 by James Foster is an impressive example of early cartography. The original map was approx. 5.5 ft by 5 ft and the digital copy is no less imposing with a 660mb file size. This has made it quite challenging to make publicly accessible. We would like to thank the Carew Pole family for kindly making their historical estate maps available for digital scanning allowing these treasures to become more readily available for historic research. This scan has been made possible through the support of the National Lottery.  For a closer at the whole map visit http://www.eastdevonaonb.org.uk/our-work/legacy-to-landscape

Full 1781 Map:     https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/91305f4528f84a718843d102b99d83f5

The following maps and Lot details are from the Sale by Auction of the Shute Estate in 1929:

If you click on any of the maps and Lot details, they will appear in a larger format on a separate page. You can enlarge it again by clicking once more on that page (if it has a + sign).

The following  maps are dated 1904:

Seaton Junction


East of Deer Park

Shute Deer Park


southeast of Little Umborne


Shute Marsh

south of Pottlelake to Parehayne


Big Umborne to Parkhayne


Patches to Lower Watchcombe


Lexhayne Lane north of Railway



Axminster to Exeter. road map. 1720 Owen & Bowen Britannia Depicta

road map-Axminster, Kilmington, Honiton. 1818 Edward Mogg

Rick Wood