Umborne Ug 2010

Yesterday, as most of you know and indeed as most of you were there at the hall, we had our annual event called the Umborne Ug. This is a demanding 10k race which attracted 54 runners on a day of glorious sunshine.The race was run by Garry Perratt in a new record time of 41.00 minutes. Garry has helped us with the Ug and other things like the Grizzly marshalling over the years so his triumph was well received. The first lady home was Honiton’s Judy Davey. The winners received a silver engraved platter, an Ug hand-made jug (The “Ug jug”) beautifully created by our own potter Gilly Humphries who lives close by, and a bottle of wine (see photo). An hour before this event, about 40 walkers and numerous dogs set off on the 4 mile walk through Home Bush and all said how much they enjoyed the experience.
There was also a 2.4k Fun Run which had 20 younger runners and one slightly reluctant older runner! Our own Molly Joyce was the 3rd girl home, so well done Molly. There were large numbers of spectators of all ages and they, along with the runners and walkers, were treated to a sumptuous array of cakes to accompany the hot and cold drinks. This drinks/cakes stall raised the amazing sum of £200 in donations so well done and a huge thank you to Rosemary and all her willing helpers. The walkers and runners donated a further £500 so a total of £700 was raised for our new hall which some saw for only the first time on Sunday.
This event could not be put on without the help of many people in the valley and we are most grateful to the 16 marshals, Sue & Val at the water station, the markers and helpers around the course, locals who baked and served the cakes, the landowners for kindly allowing us to park and run on their land and David and Carolyn Selley for generously supplying the rather luxurious loos which runners really need before races! There were a few tins, containers etc left over at the end so if you are missing one, please contact the Woods. Well done the community of Umborne and Shute and thank you for all your support. A superb family day.
Other news:
Our annual Summer Barbecue date has been changed so as not to clash with Peter Lea-Cox’s concert in
St. Michael’s Church, Shute on the 17th of July. The new date is Sunday 18th July at 6pm in the field near Yardbury Farm at 3 Sycamores. Also there is the Steam Up at Penventon on Saturday 3rd July at 2pm and don’t forget to go to the Flower Festival at the church this coming weekend. How much more fun can we take?
Rick & Eleanor Wood