Theme Nights at the Hall

Over the last 13 years or so, we have held a “theme night” once or twice a year. Themes have ranged from nights related to different countries to a variety of other themes:
Tramps Night (1999)
Soup and Cider Night(25th November 2000)
TV Dinners (17th March 2001)
Heroes (24th November 2001)
Tramps Night again (29th March 2003)
Posh Night again (8th May 2004)
French Night (November 1997)
Scrumpy Night (March 1998)
Posh Night  (23rd March 2002)
Caribbean Night (29th November 2003)
Italian Night (20th November 2004)
Medieval Night (14th May 2005)
School Dinners (25th March 2006)
A Night at the Oscars (24th March 2007)
Country Folk (15th March 2008)
Oh what a lovely war (21st March 2009)
In 2010 we did not have a theme night because we did not have a hall ! We are always open to other ideas for future events (someone has suggested a “Cave men” night) so please do let any trustee know if you have any suggestions. If anyone has any photos of theme nights from 1997 to 2004, please may I borrow them to scan them ? Many thanks –
Rick & Eleanor Wood