A new hall in 2010

At last we’ve made some financial headway with replacing the hall. The Community Council of Devon, acting on behalf of Devon County Council, has awarded us a grant of £24,000, which means that we can plan a new building. Last night (30th September) the trustees met to discuss the offer and agreed to accept it, which means that it has to be spent by next September!

Another £40,000 has been raised by the community. This is thought to be one of the principal reasons behind the offer.

The trustees now have to produce a detailed plan, seek an amendment to the planning permission and write a business plan.

We felt that the moment had to be seized. We might never attract as big a grant again and so might never succeed in rebuilding the hall. This does mean that we have a big financial challenge still to meet: how we raise another third of all the money we need and how we do it quickly.

Work will have to start on a new hall in the spring and be completed by the autumn.

We shall try for every small grant available but may need support from the community if the goal is to be achieved. We hope everyone will think it worthwhile – and be ready to lend a hand.