September 2009

First of all, you may remember that at our Steam Up event in June, there was a “guess the date and weight” of the Bowman Baby. Well, Tia Ann Bowman duly arrived on August 19th (well done Sandra & Richard Thorpe), weighing in at 7lb 1oz (Well done Richard Brain). Thanks to a generous donation and the return of one of the winnings, we are pleased to announce that the Hall funds have been swelled by the sum of £92, so many thanks to Andy and Ruhi for their magnificent efforts in their different ways!

Our annual Duck Dash and Raft Races took place this year on Sunday 6th of September in the wonderful grounds of the Shepherd family’s home at Pottlelake Cottage, due to the fact that the land at Easy Bridge was not suitable for us to use this year. There was an excellent turn-out from many families in the valley and the weather was kind to us as well. The ducks swam as fast as they could with a few helpful prods from behind (don’t panic, they were not real ducks!) and the rafts, despite their unusual designs, navigated the course really well. With a barbecue, ice-cream sales, a raffle and a bar (many thanks to all those who manned these stalls with such enthusiasm) we managed to raise the superb sum of £268 for the hall funds. Our special thanks to Neil and Ann for allowing us to use their garden at such short notice, although Neil in shorts and wellies, enjoying himself splashing about like an 8 year old, was the sort of interesting spectacle which did not necessarily aid the digestive process.

Our next event is the Autumn Supper (do these events come round quicker as the years progress or is it just my imagination?) to be held in the Hall on Saturday 17th of October at 7.30 pm. Tickets for this popular event cost £7 for adults and £4 for children under 12. It is a real family occasion with great food and plenty of fun to be had. A trustee will be contacting you shortly about ticket sales and we look forward to seeing you there on the 17th.

Rick & Eleanor Wood