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Umborne Trustees minutes of meeting February 2019

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6:45pm, Tuesday 19th February 2019

Present: Phillip Ambler, Neville Cheeseman, Sue Gush, Lorna Ockenden, John Pearce, Carolyn Selley, Ann Shepherd, Melanie Smith, Rob Summers, Teresa Wilmington-Wills, Eleanor Wood

1. Apologies: Carl Coman

2. Minutes of previous meetings (9/10/18, 27/11/18 and 11/12/18) These were agreed and signed off at this meeting

3. Any Matters arising from previous sets of minutes The water heater has been fixed and is working. A tool for closing the folding tables has been purchased. Carolyn agreed to find out about containers for crockery etc  Action: Carolyn

4. Hall Insurance

Phil has done a health and safety assessment for the Hall, which may give us a discount on our insurance, but the answers to some of the questions weren’t known. They were discussed at the meeting and it was decided that Phil would register for the e-learning which is available via the insurance company, and Carolyn and Phil will discuss to see if we can get a reduced rate on the insurance. Some areas of work have been identified, including the decking and the outside post. If anyone has any additions or corrections to the risk assessment then please let Phil know.

Action: Phil and Carolyn, All

5. Treasurer’s update

Carolyn gave us an update on finances. The final accounts for last year have been finalised. Thanks to John Buse for auditing them. The main points will be discussed at the AGM. Energy bills are higher, but this is off-set by higher income from hall rental. The PRS cheque has been sent but not cashed. This has been chased up with them, but they have confirmed that they have been paid, and sent email confirmation that we have the relevant licences. The 12th night money from Jan 2018 is still in our accounts. This is usually donated to a charity, so it was agreed to put this towards the defibrillator instead. Current balances – £18020, £516, £48 & COIF a/c £6320.

6. Entertainments – Hearty Breakfast  We discussed arrangements for the hearty breakfast, which will be held on Saturday 23rd Feb 9-11:30am to raise money for a defibrillator. It was decided that there would not be a fixed price, but we would ask for donations. The next event will be the Ug on 29th June.

7. Building/works Phil has purchased new electric heaters for the hall. It was reported that the lights, water heater and toilet have been fixed. John has made arrangements for the spare key to the hall.

8. AOB It was agreed to get a book for work needing to be done at the hall, as previously discussed

Action: John

Henry has kindly agreed to be project manager for the extension, when the plans are (hopefully) approved. Thanks very much to Henry.

9. Date of next meeting   Tuesday 16th April, 7pm