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Shute Church Christmas Tree Festival 2015

9 December 2015 204 views No Comment

 (Photos courtesy of  Nickie Rignall and Angela Parry – they can be enlarged by left clicking on them once and then left click again for full screen picture)


From Angela Parry:A huge thank you to everyone who brought a tree, made cakes, helped set up, served refreshments or came and admired the 47 fabulous Christmas trees last weekend. The event had a real community feel and raised nearly £650  for the upkeep of the church.

Churchwarden Iris Murdoch adds: In the days before mobile phones Facebook and other media I,like lots of others, had an autograph book in which a teacher simple wrote JOY and signed her name. Some years later I realised this was interpreted as Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.=JOY.  This joy was very evident in Shute Church at our first Christmas tree festival.We had 47 trees all so very different and very beautiful, all bringing Joy to others as the visitors arrived to admire the trees and ornaments.

Ella Sweetland and her team of ladies and men worked hard putting themselves last even when this idea was just a seed, attending meetings, phoning, emailing and getting the event in the church for the 3 days. The traditional mince pies, cakes, marzipan mice all manner of edibles and drinks were provided by the ladies who shopped, stirred, baked and then turned up to serve, making sure others went home with a warm festive feeling. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful event.  You certainly brought JOY and PEACE to others. Also our thanks to Shute school and staff who came to serenade us with carols old and new, on Monday afternoon.
The visitors were very generous with the donations the final amount came to £637.20p not a mince pie or drop of mulled wine left .