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September & October Weather Report 2015

9 November 2015 45 views No Comment

September continued the story of the summer, leaning towards rather cool temperatures. The month’s warmest afternoon came on the 10th with a maximum of 24.1C. This was the lowest September ‘high’ since 2010.  A chilly minimum occurred on the night of 5th-6th just below 4C, but the month’s lowest was on the 26th with a reading of 3.6C. Overall the month was the coolest September since 2012.

Winds from the north and east yielded only two days of traceable rainfall during the first third of the month and unsurprisingly the weather was cool and sunny. We were pleased to be away on holiday for a week mid-month, when by all accounts things turned very wet and unsettled. Thanks to Ann Shepherd who took my readings in our absence, I can report that half the month’s total rainfall of 72mm arrived in the 24 hours starting at 1000 on the 13th. The unsettled period lasted until the 24th before drier winds again with a northerly component returned for the last few days.

I would reckon that the month’s rainfall total was about average for September. The previous four Septembers have all recorded smaller totals, and again I have to return to 2010 to find a wetter month.


October’s weather continued with the dry, sunny conditions that concluded September. For the first two days, I recorded highs of 21C or above; the month’s warmest afternoon being 21.9C on the 1st. As if proving a law of averages, this was the day in October 2014 with the highest and a slightly higher maximum temperature.  The NE wind fell away to give a couple of cold, foggy starts, before the direction changed ushering in the month’s wettest day on the 5th with a total of 25.3mm. The wind veered from SW towards NW giving another cool night on the 8th. From the10th the NE wind returned and the weather became completely dry for the next ten days. From 20th-30th the weather became unsettled and cooler than average. When the wind and rain eased out, it was not surprising to record the month’s coldest night on the 25th at 1C. Thankfully, any attendant grass frost which might have occurred was insufficiently severe to damage the summer flowers.  Another temperature coincidence with last year occurred at the end of the month. Hallowe’en proved nearly as warm and sunny nationwide this year as last!  Overall, October 2015 was cooler than in 2014, by 1.4C at about 12.2C, thanks largely to colder night temperatures.

Recordable rainfall totals were recorded on thirteen days giving at total for the month of 96.9mm; around about the average to be expected in October. As an inversion to September, the previous Octobers have been wetter than average, and this year proved to be the driest October since 2011.

Peter at Pottlelake