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Umborne Weather Report June 2013

4 July 2013 45 views No Comment

Here is my June 2013 Weather Summary.

After my grim forebodings about the comparison of the
Spring Weather of 2013 with that of 1962, I was interested to see how
June unfolded.

Right on cue, the early part of June settled down to
dry, sunny but not remarkably warm conditions. In fact, the nights were
often very cool, with the month’s lowest reading of 2.4C on the night of
the 3rd to 4th and another reading of under 3C  on the morning of the
10th.  Looking back at 1962, I found comparative figures for the 1st and
2nd at the Bournemouth Weather Station. The cold start to the 10th was
followed by the coolest day with a maximum of 15C, and also the day with
the highest rainfall, 7.4mm–a quarter of the month’s total. The period from
the 10th-16th was cool and unsettled with small amounts of rain falling
each day. The generally prevailing SW winds were colder than usual, due
to  lower than average sea temperatures.  Warm and humid conditions
followed, with the month’s highest temperature of 27C occurring on the
19th followed by the warmest night with a low of 14C. Unsettled and
fresher conditions returned, before an improvement from the 24th lifted
daytime temperatures to maxima above 20C.

This was the warmest, or actually least cool, June for
three years, overall. About half a degree warmer than last year’s
drencher, but 1.5C cooler than the succession of four Junes that occurred
between 2003-2006, when we appear to have been at a climatic optimum;
and about a degree cooler than 2007, which was wet–remember Glastonbury!

However, June 2013 was the driest June since 2000, with
a monthly total of 29.7 mm falling on twelve days.

Peter at Pottlelake