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[29 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Shute Parish Council minutes of meeting 29.11.2012 | 292 views]

AT 7.30PM.
Those present: Cllrs D Loud, B Marshall, J Pearce, Ms C Miltenburg, R Orsman,
P Rugg, Mrs E Sweetland and R Wood, Dist Cllr I Chubb, three members of the public and Mrs M Thomas (Clerk).
Apologies were received and accepted from C Cllr A Moulding, Dist. Cllr I Chubb Christopher Pole-Carew and PCSO Amanda Wooster. In her absence PCSO Amanda Wooster sent a report stating five crimes …

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[10 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on UMBORNE INSTITUTE AGM, Trustees and Officers retiring | 109 views]

AGM, Trustees and Officers retiring
The AGM will take place at the Hall on Tuesday 29th January 2013 at 8.00pm:
The following are due to retire as trustees:
Liz Gosling
Sue Gush
Peter Rugg
All have confirmed that they will be willing to stand again.
In addition, Lynne Craig will be retiring as a trustee and not standing again
If anyone wishes to stand as a new trustee, then their names should be nominated to the Chairman and / or Secretary by 18th January 2013 by letter, telephone or email at:

Rob Summers
Little Yardbury, Colyton,
EX24 6SL
01297 553762

Lorna …

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[10 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Umborne Annual Weather Report 2012 | 103 views]

Annual Weather Report for 2012
There will be nothing surprising in starting this report with a
discussion about the rainfall totals that have been recorded during the
past year. The year total of 1462.0mm is far in excess of my previous
wettest year, 2000, at 1298.7mm.  So the average monthly total is about
122mm, which is much higher than any month would normally record.
Furthermore just 75.2mm of this enormous total was recorded in the first
three months of 2012.  We are used to unpredictable weather in this
country, but the …

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[6 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on 12th night at the Hall | 171 views]
12th night at the Hall

Numbers were a little low this year – possibly because so many had come to the hall 5 evenings earlier for NYEve. Those who did come out on January 5th seemed to enjoy themselves. Plenty of food on the communal centre table and lots of conversations to catch up with amongst good friends. Liz’s picture quiz was most popular – 80 questions hung up on the curtains – even categorised this year into 4 sections: famous sports people, places, celebrities and flora / fauna. The winning team of Sue, Rodney, …

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[4 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on December Weather Report 2012 | 135 views]

December 2012.
The extreme weather patterns that have dominated the past
months were continued by December, and it seems that at last the
‘official’ statements from the Met. Office are beginning to acknowledge
that in a warmer world there are likely to be more unpredictable
patterns of rainfall. Certainly, there is no doubting the intensity of
the wet periods that have occurred over the past few months.
December’s weather fell into two unequal halves. Up to the
12th it was often cold, with some quite hard frosts. The coldest night,
11th  recorded a …

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[2 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on New Year’s Eve party | 700 views]
New Year’s Eve party

Hope you all enjoyed our first New Year’s Eve party at Umborne Hall on Monday (31st) evening.
(photos can be enlarged by left clicking on them)

There were about 70 of us including about 15 children, most of whom were very well behaved! The evening started with some enjoyable party games for the children and a few childish adults!

A variety of curries with rice and naan breads were served at about 9pm – our thanks to all those who cooked such delicious dishes –

– and then it was over to Rob our …