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September 2012 Weather Report

5 October 2012 157 views No Comment

The month of September started with over a week of nearly
completely dry conditions, a small fall of rain  was recorded on the
2nd. This period also gave us the month’s warmest afternoon on the 7th with a reading of 24.8C.  But after the 8th, the weather subsided into early autumnal conditions with only two more days recording a maximum temperature of over 20C. Although conditions were not very settled, with small amounts of rain being recorded on eight of the next twelve days, the total rainfall for the first twenty days of September stood at just under 5mm. However, with winds often from the northwest and the nights getting longer, a reading of 1.8C on the 19th. was recorded. Several people locally saw a frost, with reports of runner beans being blackened.  However, similar readings have been recorded in many  previous Septembers with 2010 giving 0.7C on 26th.

Overall, the cool conditions of the last three weeks of the month offset the warm start, and brought the average temperature for the month to about 0.1C cooler than September 2010, and the coolest since 2008.

The arrival of the Equinox on the afternoon of 22nd triggered a deluge, which gave a fall of 48.4mm from early on the 23rd, until I took the daily reading at 1000 on the 24th. The rain was
accompanied by  unseasonal cold, with the maximum temperature on 23rd reaching just 12.5C. This was the lowest maximum temperature I have ever recorded in September. The last few days remained unsettled and contributed to give a rainfall total of 65.3mm for the month. This is probably about what we should expect from September.

Peter at Pottlelake