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March Weather report 2012

2 April 2012 253 views No Comment

Weather report for March 2012:

Photo Helene Buse

March 2011 had  surprised us all with remarkable dryness
(23.1mm on 6 rain days) and a record high maximum temperature of 19.5C
on 25th. Now 2012 has gone several stages further with a total rainfall
of 19.9 mm with recordable falls again on just six days. But the spell
of warmth from 24-30th gave a whole week of higher maxima than the
figure reached last year. The sequence is, starting on March 24th: 20.0;
20.8; 21.5; 21.0; 23.3; 21.0 & 19.8C. The average daytime high for the month
topped 15C. This figure is probably the average level for the end of
April. I recorded seven air frosts, the severest of these occuring on
the 19th at -3.2C and 18th a close second at -3.0C.

After a heavy rainfall  of 11.9mm on 3rd. and  a couple of
damp days either side of it, the February monthly total had been
surpassed. But from the 5th onwards a mere 4.5mm was accumulated.
February and March together have totalled just 35.2mm; a figure similar
to the combined totals of March and April 2011–35.9mm. The twelve month
total from April 2011 to March 2012 is less than 600mm. This I would
guess is about 2/3rds. of the normal we would expect in these parts.

The weather charts have revealed some similarity to the
patterns seen in the severely cold December 2010. Thankfully the
strenghtening power of the sunshine at this time of year prevented a
repeat of this. But think back to the beginning of February this year
for another comparison. High pressure is becoming much more prevalent in
the winter months these days.

Peter at Pottlelake