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Shute Parish Council – minutes of meeting 19.1.12

30 March 2012 450 views No Comment


AT 7.30PM.

Those present: Cllrs. D Loud, B Marshall, J Pearce, P Rugg, Mrs E Sweetland, and R Wood, PCSO Amanda Wooster and Mrs M Thomas (Clerk).


Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs Ms C Miltenburg,

Dist Cllr I Chubb and C Cllr A Moulding.


The circulated minutes of meeting held on 15th December 2011were approved and duly signed as correct.


PCSO Amanda Wooster reported she now also works in the police control room and her time is limited to attend meetings. At the previous meeting it was reported crime figures were up by 66% for Devon & Cornwall but this is not the case, figures are down. Robberies have increased but not in this area, figures for Axminster show a decrease in crime by 7.4%. For the Shute area the total crimes for 2010/2011 were 14 and 2011/2012 the figure was 12 which included 4 incidents at Shute Woods and 3 crimes at business premises which shows the general public are generally not affected. She also reported she has padlocks which when tampered with make a 10 decibel whistle for £7.00, any one interested to contact the Clerk.

A short question and answer session followed and PCSO Amanda Wooster was thanked for attending the meeting and she left the room.


EDDC – Shaping the Future EDDC Cllr wood apologised but did not send a reply within the time limit.


A copy of the draft plan has been circulated amongst Councillors which is a final copy with 65 minor amendments to be made and it was agreed a stapled document rather than a ring bound document would be preferable. The committee also suggest a document should be delivered to each household rather than a shortened version, it has to have the approval of the parish council prior to a presentation to the community and other public bodies. It is also proposed the late Gail Nunan should have her work acknowledged. Cllr Marshall proposed a £20 donation should be given to Seaton Hospital League of Friends in her memory.

It was proposed by Cllr J Pearce and seconded by Cllr D Loud Shute Parish Council approve the Parish Plan together with the suggestions the Parish Plan Committee make. Cllr Rick Wood in conjunction with other members of the committee and the Clerk to organise the presentation at Whitford Hall.


Tony Gosling – Auditing the Accounts. Mr Gosling writes he thanks the Council for their payment of £20 and feels his work does not justify payment and will therefore donate the money to the Church Flower Fund. Noted.

Devon County Winter Road Gritting. A letter has been received from Mr Andrew Fleetwood outlining the difficulties cuts in winter road gritting imposed by Devon County Council will affect the community he lives in (Bridford, near Exeter) and other communities in Devon. He asks would the parish council support a petition to reinstate the original gritting network, are there any other special circumstances in the parish that DCC should have taken into account in conduction their impact assessment and would the parish council support a formal complaint to DCC over the way that these changes have been implemented.

After lengthy discussion it was agreed to support a petition and a formal complaint.

Shute Garage. A letter has been received reporting that on 13th January at 7.40am a car transported was perked opposite the Dalwood/Stockland road on the A35 south bound unloading cars with no warning signs or flashing lights. Agreed this should be reported to the police and EDDC Enforcement Officer.

EDDC Waste Management. An e-mail has been received reporting the Waste Management Team have produced free of charge a Power Point Presentation of the Waste and Recycling Services that are available to the general public. Agreed to forward this to all councillors.


Reported cars are speeding at Seaton Junction to an unsafe limit. Agreed to follow up the question of repainting the SLOW sign and speed limit from the previous meeting.

Snow Warden/salt. Reported Mr Sweetland, the appointed Snow Warden has received his training and the salt/grit should be delivered soon.

Shute Woods – Travellers. Reported the number of caravans parked at Shute Woods has increased intimidating the general public when using the unclassified road. After discussion agreed the Clerk to write to Kilmington and Dalwood Parish Council questioning how this matter can be taken forward as the caravans are not in the Parish of Shute and offering any support.


Cllr Mrs Sweetland reported she is progressing with organising a wedding dress exhibition to raise funds and asks for venues for car boot sales. It was agreed a meeting needs to be organised to take this forward. The Clerk to contact Shute Primary School with the view of holding a meeting at the school on either 15th or 16th February.


No matters were brought forward.


As reported at the previous meeting the new proposed Local Plan has been received for consultation. Any comments Councillors wish to make to be forwarded to the Clerk prior to 27th January in order comments to be returned.


Planning Applications

11/2512/FUL Old Post Office, Shute. Construction of lean-to extension on front elevation. Following a site meeting comments returned support although concerns raised over surface water entering the highway.

11/2813/COU The Lyme Bay Winery, Seaton Junction, Axminster. Change of use of land, construction of industrial building for winery and storage/warehousing, associated works including car parking and alterations to access (revisions to 11/1879/FUL to alter siting of building). Following consulting councillors the work being carried out in the field. Agreed to reply a bank has been erected across the field and land should be re-instated to its original state and tidied especially in an AONB.

The Chairman reported he feel there are still matters outstanding and it was agreed a meeting to be arranged to check previous planning applications and conditions.


Copies of the accounts up to 31st December 2011 together with projected figures up to 31st March 2012 were circulated. (Appendixed to the minutes). After much discussion when the Clerk explained there is no cap to the limit of increase this year but the precept will be capped in future years it was proposed by Cllr D Loud, seconded by Cllr W Marshall and agreed by the majority for the precept to remain as the previous year at £4,000.


Cheques to be paid

Scott Rowe Solicitors, annual storage costs £10.00

Arthur Hitchcock Trust, 50% of insurance £134.09

Payment proposed by Cllr R Wood, seconded by Cllr J Pearce and agreed.


Reported the wooden fence at Whitford Bridge (Musbury side 50 yds on left). This to be reported to DCC.

Reported prior to Christmas the Church circulated a card giving details of services over the Christmas period and it was suggested a letter of congratulations on the initiative should be sent. Agreed.


The next Parish Council meetings to take place on 8th  March 2012 at Whitford Village Hall at 7.30pm.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm